You can't have it all

When the world turns its back on you,
You turn your back on the world!
- Timon, The Lion King 

Hello world! Look who's back from defeat! Lol.

As blogged here, I was able to catch the UST-ADMU second "Do or Die" game yesterday in Araneta, with the best seats I ever had in the best game this whole UAAP season! Sobrang intense ng laban, and kung akala niyo super adik nako nito, wala pa to from the last years! Tamed fan na ako now, wasn't able to watch all the games live (dati walang mintis ang pag watch and papicture ko hehe!)...pero affected parin ako in the end. Still, the Tigers made me sooo proud to be a Thomasian, they put up a GREAT fight with the sobrang galing na Eagles. Sabi nga ng nakatabi kong daddy, "It wasn't a walk in the park", nuks! Congrats Ateneo Blue Eagles!

Top with cut-out sleeves - Kashieca
Ombre skirt - DIY with Sarah Tirona
Nude Flats - Australian
Belt - Dad's!
Necklace - Arbor kay Cheyser, haha!
Thank you Pax for the photos, and Cheyser for the camera!

Anyway, photos in this post were taken during our second day in Tagaytay for the Fitflop event last weekend! I miss Sonya's Garden and bonding with my blog friends in this 1-hour-away sanctuary! Gustung gusto ko na ikwento ang happenings during that trip, but medyo nabubusy na sa business. Watching the game yesterday was my "break" from bending wires after days of creating pieces for you. I had a brand client na nagpa rush ng 50 small wire crowns, and I made it in one night--I ended up with ugly nails, calloused palms, and shaky hands! But I love what I do, it's tiring but I've never felt sooo fulfilled!


And although yesterday's supposed fun "break" from work ended with me losing some important things (just want to say na hindi lang sa game ako natalo, sorry vague talking haha)... I am proud that my psyching and envisioning of a stable self from few months back made me in full control of my emotions (I think). I am disappointed, but I (re)learned that you can't please everyone. 

Maybe you CAN have it all. But as kumareng Oprah said, You just can't have it all at one time.


  1. Youre so pretty!! Bagay na bagay yung curls =)


  2. Anaaaaa!!! I know I will sound like a Mom, pero you've really turned into a lady! So girly and pretty! Dalagang dalaga na! HAHA! Bagay din sayo ang girly outfit, dati kase, before I stopped blogging you weren't this girly and ladylike (outfitwise). But I loved your unique style from before!

    And in life talaga, we win some, we lose some. What's important is that we don't let the wins get into our heads and we don't let the loses get into our heart! Go lang ng go sa next fight!

    1. Awww ang sweet nito! :) Thank you! Naalala ko pa meetup natin noon, FEU area right? :) Thank you Ishna!

  3. Ganda mo sis!! :) Ramdam na ramdam ko rin yung game ng UST kahapon. But sobrang proud ako sa players lalo na kay Jic. HAHA! Lamoyan!! Anyway, anuman yang gusto mong ma-reach or ma-attain, you will have them, in God's time. :) You're a good person ♥ Love you!!

    1. Aww thank you Arnie <3 Pray for meee! See you tm!

  4. you look so "blooming" ana..wheet wew! i bet you guys were super relaxed in Sonya's..i love that place. too bad when we went there last June, it was raining.

    i am also in the process of re-inventing myself..and making sure that i do what i love and i live my dreams. good luck to us both Ana!

    ps. i know what you mean about controlling emotions. i'm too emotional for my own sake.haha!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

    1. I am so excited to see you gals again sa BU! :) Good luck with the reinvention, Gizelle! :) We can do this!!!

  5. Gandaaaaaa! ♥ Ito na favorite look ko from you, so pretty :)

  6. you're very pretty. :)

  7. You're very pretty. :)

  8. Lahat na nasabi nila. Pero yun nga lahat tayo ibibgay ni God ang gusto natin in His time :D Minsan may mgabagay na kaya hindi nya binibigay kasi alam nya na may consequences na di natin kaya.

    1. Thank you Kath! :) I really value everyone's words and support, thank you so much for this made me feel so much better :)


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