NARS Andy Warhol Color and Gifting Collection

Saturday, October 13, 2012

When it comes to cosmetics and skincare, NARS na siguro ang known for their provocative names. Sa mukap, their most top-selling product is the Orgasm, na from blush shade, they also produced  as nail polish and NARS Multiple (cream stick for eyes, lips, and cheeks). They're also known for their minimalist packaging, and has been hailed as a modern design icon.

There was a NARS Andy Warhol Color and Gifting Collection launch a few days ago in Skye, and I went to the event with my blog sisters Pax and Sarah. Very exciting ang theme for the outfitey:
Pop Art or Color Blocking! :) Very Warhol indeed!

Thank you Style Bible for this photo! 

The invitation:

What I wore:

Color Blocking Dress - Human
Wedges - SM Parisian
Necklace - Pasalubong from Pax from SG
Thank you PAX for taking my photo!

I love Rustans events! Palaging special, and always a visual treat! I love the setup for this event.
Here are some photos:

I love these metallic balloons eksena by the entrance:

Cool photo booth na triny namin nila Pax and Sarah:

Awesoooome! I love na portrait and slim sha, like old photo booth pictures talaga!

Nice tabletop display, includes an old roll of film!

I think this is one of the biggest limited edition makeup collaboration for this year! Andy Warhol is the epitome of commercial art, and also a very controversial artist. He is known as a gay man even before the gay liberation. Warhol's studio The Factory was a famous gathering place for drag queens, playwrights, celebs, artists, and intellectuals. So when it comes to art and beauty, NARS made the most interesting choice!

Prints of Andy Warhol artworks were on display during the event, gusto na namin uwiin! 

 There was a short program, with the beautiful Sarah Gaugler as the host!

 Anna Canlas of Preview won the best dressed! I love her color combi! :)

While Sarah won early bird, haha!

A preview of the new NARS Andy Warhol collection:

Note the shift from plain matte black packaging to something more colorful and fun:

I love this! Andy Warhol's artwork as eye shadow! "Self Portrait 1966"

I would really love to try out this NARS Holiday collection! I fell in love with the colors! To quote the great artist Andy Warhol:
"I remember being so drawn to colors... So bright and graphic."

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