Araneta x Dairy Queen: Dress Me Up 2!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Spent one whole day last week on an event with Araneta Center, in partnership with Dairy Queen and the following brands and bloggers:

The event is called Dress Me Up 2, and ang call time was super duper early for my levelz (9am, yup maaga na sakin yun haha)

Had coffee and breakfast (pasta) in CBTL Gateway till the organizers met us for the briefing.

Was with these 2 pretty girls the whole morning! Hi Dianne and Christina! :)

Nung maramirami na kami, we headed to the Gateway Suites.

Ang gaganda naman kahit ang aga pa! Hi Arnie, Rovie, Christina and Nika!


IDs for the pullouts.

Moremore bloggers! :)

I had my second tasa of coffee, and hindi pa kalagitnaan ng araw (haha).

Contract signing! Haha! Laughtrip photo with Pax, my partner for this event / contest!

The concept of the event is to pull out in the different participating Gateway Mall stores, and come up with two sets of looks inspired by the new Dairy Queen ice cream flavor Black Forest!

The prizes!

Serious nila Arnie and Rovie a! Hehehe. Bloggers planning before we head to the pull-out!

First store, my favorite-forever BAYO! :)

We walked to our next stop...

With my Bloggers United and my pinakamatagal nang blog friends Pax and Melai! :)

Our next "feeling-shopping" trip was in PROMOD. I super love this posh brand. They're underrated (mas kilala padin Zara, Mango, Topshop), but they also offer trendy and quality clothes, shoes, and even accessories.

Pax with our team's intern, Sharmaine! Love this girl, super helpful!!! :)

After that, we headed to accessories-haven, PARFOIS.

Boat shoes galore and other cool footwear in SEBAGO.

Sarap mamili ng shoesettes for the jowakelles here noh? Lolol.

GIRBAUD will always take me back to my high school days! Eto na talaga ang batayan if rich kid ang kaklase, kung naka Girbaud wallet o bag, hahaha!

Another veryvery grade school-high school store: Marks & Spencer! Naalala niyo pa ba yung slouch socks nila? Hahaha. Best in chocolates din dito! :)

The tired bloggers!

Waiting in line for the pullouts.

Our shopping bags! Kung pwede lang uwiin talaga, noh? Hehe.

We had our lunch break, then proceeded with taping our shoes and putting together the clothes-shoes-accessories we pulled out. Nakaka pressure! Haha!

We placed the items ng ganito, and had the official photog take pictures of the looks all the teams came up with.

Presenting!!! The Aisa-Ana Dairy Queen Black Forest Looks!!! :)



Side view:

Bunutan din pala sa models, and I picked Elaine! :) She's super tall, pretty, and easy to work with.
Sorry I forgot her Binibining Pilipinas title, but honor to for me to meet one of the country's delegates!

Hair and Mukap time c/o David's Salon.

I love this look! Ang color palette (required) nga pala for the contest is dapat black, white and red. Dahil black forest, yung bonnet yung cherry on top! Hehehe.

A diff hairstyle for our second look, puffed hair and pony tail. Eto nadin yung pinili naming "runway look", aka our entry for the contest!

She's super taaall!!!! Sabi ko nga "Ako na nga isa sa matangkad sa bloggers niyan a!" Haha, naka flats me nito (and yup lola mode with a glass of water palagi, haha)

Sumastylist si Aisa Ipac! :)

Goofing around with my blog sisters during the break / pre-show. Inaantay nalang namin mag start the program, so nag outfit shots muna and kain! ALSO! Pax and I practiced our "speech" pagka rampa ng stage. They told us to explain dapat the look we came up with! Akkk stage fright levels!

After a while, people started pouring in. They were served with great food (buffet!) and shempre the new DQ Black Forest!

DQ reprezent! ;) Hehe!

The jowakers represent! Hi Mich ni Pax and Papa Joed ni Arnie! :)

Kahit wala me Papa (hahaha), so thankful to have these cool bloggers around to support us! Carvey Samonte!!!!

Check out the diff styles the bloggers came up with! In less than a day! :)

The Aisa-Ana team!!! Hehehe! Yehey! Kaproud lang, haha!

Go Elaine! :)

Rovie and Arnie's team! :)

Explanation time!

Here's how Aisa-Ana Team's speech went (hehehe)

Aisa: Our look is inspired by holiday in New York. We made sure to use the Dairy Queen's Black Forest color palette red, white, and black.
Ana: Taking the brand's tagline "Something different", instead of using just a regular jacket or pants, we picked classic pieces with a this cute red trench coat from Promod, and these nice printed pants from Bayo. We can always invent trends and flavors, but people will never forget a classic. (tears. joke! Thank you MICH for the last line, yun talaga nag panalo samin hahahaha!)

After that 5 minutes of fame, we had a break again, aka kodakan with our guests! :)

They called everyone onstage, for the "thank you remarks", and share din daw about our Araneta x DQ Dress Me Up 2 experience.

While waiting for the announcement of winners, hahahaha:

And we won!!! Yehey! PAAAX!!! Super haba ba ng thank you speech ko at nakatulog ka na kay DQ! Hahahaha!

P20k! Hooray!

Congrats to the 2nd and 3rd prize winners!!! :) Arnie and Rovie, and Sai and her bro!

Cray cray pictures post-event!!! :) Super happy ko lang nyan!

Binibida ko talaga si Carvey Samonte!!! Hahahaha!

I have to say that the whole day affair is super worth it na kahit sobrang pagod, nag pay off naman. :) Thank you so much to Araneta Gateway Mall and Dairy Queen Ice Cream for this fun event, the opportunity to style beauty queens and models, and for the over-all experience! :) Truly Something Different! Thank you to the bloggers I've been with the whole day, sabi ko nga pag pagod ang tao at matagal mong kasama dun lalabas ang tunay na kulay (haha) so thank you for tolerating my minsanang sakit sa ulo vibes, haha! Arnie and Rovie, I love you girls! Little sis Arnie, thank you for listening to my stories! :) And to Aisa Ipac, for being my coffee. :) Nakakahyper lang kahit pagoda na! Naks! Till the next!


  1. Wow ur soooo super galing talaga when it comes to fashion!! Ur my idol! Keep it up! :*

  2. yey!congrats Ms.Ana and Ms. Aisa..galing! deserve talaga ang prize.. :)

  3. Ang taraaay! First prize! Congrats :)

  4. Congrats ulet!! Ang saya and love the black forest interpretation! Weeee!! :))

  5. I knew you would win! Ganda ng concept ng look, lalo yung "cherry." Like ko talaga yung red skirt and coat!

  6. I LOVE YOU SIS!!!! ♥ Hindi to magiging ganito ka-fun without you guys :') Mwa!!!

  7. Congrats senyo teeeeeh! Happy for you lam mo yan! :)

  8. congratumalationa ana!!! <3 nagenjoy ako super!!!!! :D btw pagrab ng mga larawan ha :D

    The Bargain Doll

  9. Maria Kate Bisquera

  10. congrats for winning!! i can relate sa girbaud being the basehan ng pagkarich nung hiskul haha :D
    u came with a nice outfits ah c aisa ipac na tlaga ang stylist and i think u can pass as one too..


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