Bazaar for all Season Day 2

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It was a Sunday, aka the last day of the Bazaar for All Season, and Kelly told us may
market set-up near the bazaar. We walked from the venue towards the said place, the girls in our heels,
yun iba naka sheer top pa, and realized nakaka OP pala habang may umuusok usok pa na
iniihaw na barbecue sa gilid, hehehe! Interesting pa naman yung ibang food stalls like the vegetarian
station na unbelievably ang haba ng pila, but we left with Mich's castanas lang. Na inubos din naming lahat! :)

At dahil sira na ang digicam ko, I took some pictures with my iTouch:

Ang cool ng mga walis na nakatayo, pang Hogwarts!

Hindi lang castanas, but may puto bumbong for sale na:

Sigh to be young and careless again:

I love weird lines put together:

Hi Pax and Kelly! :) The stylists leading the pack to our lunch:

Met this sweetheart in front of Pancake House:

The "bazaaristas": Me, Pax, Mich, Papa Joed, Arnie, Kelly, and Pretty Rovie:

...With the Pancake House Photo Bomber Crew, lolzwhut!

Had a loooong lunch break, considering ang iniwan namin sa stall namin ang mga mommies (hehe).
Napasarap sa kwentuhan! When we went out, I finally mingled with the cutie pie:

Hello there! :)

Our sort-of-home for the 2-day bazaar stint:

Medyo quiet ang Sunday compared to the Saturday, spent most of the afternoon seated sa corner
of our stall, my introvert-self acting up again (haha). It was great to have visitors din from
time to time para hindi naman ako anti social haha! Had a great time chatting with Crave More's
Christine Liwag. We spent hours talking about life as entrepreneurs and accessories makers!
She's so young pa pala, proud na ako na stinart ko ang business nung 3rd year college ako, sha
1st year college palang may Crave More na! :) Cool!

Everyone sat na sa sahig (pauso talaga) and chill vibes nalang the whole Sunday.
Mich made us try this really weird tea na parang sand. Natatakot ako but I can't miss out
on a dare so triny namin ni Christine and Arnie... And realized hindi lang sand ang nasa milk tea,
may dagat at lumot pa! Lol. :p

I made these for Christine habang nag uusap kami! Visit Crave More's FB page guys!
Support natin young pinoy entrepreneurs :)

Nung late afternoon na and hindi na tirik ang araw, we all went out (left our booths again, hahaha)
and had our outfit photos! I decided to "pull out" an Anagon piece para lang mai-aura sha,
hehe. Here's my Anagon Wire Bib:

It was a beautiful day, and kahit everyone went in na sa airconditioned tent, Pax and I went out again
para mag kwentuhan. When I looked up from where we were seated, eto ang nakita ko:

With my bazaar partner, and blog sister, Paxieness! Hehehe. :)
Thanks for making me laugh and for all the kwentos! ;) (aysuuus ang cheesy hahaha)

Pax and her nth ice cream stick, with our ever-supportive friend Niche na akala mo may
stall din dun sa sobrang OT nadin sha sa bazaar! Thank youuu!

Cuteness overload: Magkakamukha na sila! :) Papa Joed, Arnie, and Arnie's very supportive mudra!

I asked Mich to pose for my iTouch, and kelangan talaga may ganyang props, hehehe:

Nung bandang gabi na / near closing dumami na uli ang buyers ko. I had customized pieces din! :)
Sayang I don't have photos with Dani and Mikyle, but they visited us again nung day 2, and also
Mikki! We even had sobrang tagal na cray cray time, just dancing, photo op session with Anagon pieces,
and kagulo lang in front of our stalls. Ang saya! It was The Kelly Medina Show, sa totoo lang! Haha.

A dear reader Kath also visited us, and she's also wearing denim! Nabasa daw niya ang Tweets namin!
Ang cute! She also ordered a customized bracelet that day, thank you so much sis! 

Didn't have dinner with the gang na, everyone's so tired at the end of the day, we had our
kanya kanyang ingress, and everyone headed home na din right after. Waited for the parentals mga
10 minutes lang naman, and then had a late dinner with them sa Shell Magallanes' Max's.
Super tired but fulfilling experience!

Some "nakaw pics", hehe:

Got this photo from Christine's Instagram! :)
The tambay kids, taken by Niche:
With Kelly, Christine, Arnie, Pax, Rovie, and Kat :)

With Rovie and the suuuper sweet chocolate cupcake! :)

A sweet reader visited us! With Yssa:

Tambay sa booth ni Tati of Bubbles! :)

Next bazaars ay next weekend na kaagad! :)
Karpos - November 16-17 - 6pm to 3am - MERCATO (might stay till 10 lang)
Bohemia - November 18 - 11am to 10pm - 34th cor. 9th Street BGC (near Mercato)

Getting sick na from all these shiz, but go go go nalang!
Time to kayod para Merry Christmas talaga! Hehe, basta important is see you ha? :)


  1. Wow! Ang saya lang :) Thanks din Ana sa pag customize. Naku, mapapadalas na talaga ako sa bazaar nyan. Ok lang ba kahit tumambay sa stalls nyo? Hehehe! Kulit talaga ni Kelly :D

  2. Ang saya talaga nitooo!!! :) Thank you Ana and our friends for making my first ever bazaar experience worth it and memorable! ♥ Haha naks gumaganon!! Salamat din ha sinama natin sa lunch si Papa Joed!! :D Love you sis!! Love kayo rin ni Mommy!

  3. Inggit ako. Hindi ako nakapunta ditey:(


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