SHULONG: Design Yourshu

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Aside from hearing the brand from my blog friends Sarah and Pax, I've never really been acquainted much
about Shulong. But parang yung pag nakadiscover ka ng something great and you want to share it 
with the rest of the world, here's another reason why I'll trade my pretty heels for comfy flats.

Shulong, I have learned, is a European brand... it doen't sound European because these
sneakers are inspired by the Chinese WuShu shoes:

It is the fruit of a long Asian tradition of comfort and well-being. Manufactured since the 1930s, it was at first a favorite with monks who prized comfort, durability, and flexibility. The Shulong’s strength stems firstly from its extraordinary sole. It envelopes the foot and firmly supports it. As comfortable as a slipper, as dynamic as running shoe, the sole is the result of a holistic Asian approach to design.

What's inside a SHULONG: thick foam! (It's true! They're super comfy--perfect for school or for traveling!)

My favorite are these plain SHULONG sneakers you can DIY to fit your style:

I got this pair of black low-cut Shulong, and a box comes with the pair, different colors of shoe
laces, glitter pen, and iron-on stickers! 

The pair also comes with this info sheet with more details on a comfy SHULONG sneakers:

I've made several attempts with my black Shulong, here are some of them:

Wired + Galaxy Print:

Roughly that's how my DIY Shulong looks like, but to check out the finished design, I am 
inviting you to drop by Trinoma TODAY at the DESIGN YOURSHU event!

Lots of fun activities like an inter-school shoe designing competition, on-the-spot designing of your
own Shulong sneakers, and the YourShu Exhibit--featuring my DIY along with Sarah, Pax, Love Chic, and Katrina Tan!
Hope you can support us later, see ya! ;)


  1. I didn't expect that, ang galing ng wired shoes! Can't wait to see an outfit post with your new pair! :D

  2. @claire thank you! kinakabahan nga ako, hindi ako mashado confident with my work hahaha :)

  3. Ang galing Ana! You're awesome talaga when we're gonna talk about the creativity! :D


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