And so this is Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 23: Makita Lang Kitang May Ngiti Sa Mata

A day before Christmas eve, the family went to McDo Alabang Town Center for the parentals "Care Group"
Christmas party. It was my first time to meet these people, but mom and dad spend weekly sharing and
prayers with them. They formed this small group through our The Feast (Bo Sanchez).

It was a fun day, and we had games. Akala ko KJ ako (as always), but I actually won this Mcdo toy flag
thing in the Bring Me game. I was the only one with a hand sanitizer in my bag that time! :D

Ang competitive ni daddy! I swear kung maka fist pump sha when he popped the balloon first---WAGAS! Haha!

My mom, ang punong abala! Bilang sha ang in charge of the Mcdo reservations and shiz--expert na yan
at lahat at kaming magkakapatid nag children's party din once upon a time.

We had heavy dinner after the games (panalo tong trolley na to! I love Mcdo!)

Met Mcdo's Birdie, Grimace, and--my favorite, Hamburglar! Na nagsayaw ng walang kamatayang
Gangnam, hahahaha. My sisters and I are the eldest in the group:

May mga kumanta din, and one song made the parentals get up from their seats--and slow danced the night away. :)

I love my mom and dad. :)

December 24: On top of the world

Not really top of the top, but the family spent our Christmas eve at the highest floor in my cousin's condo unit
in Ortigas. 44th floor, to be exact. Dyahe sa tenga mula sa elevator, pero ang ganda ng view from their glass windows!

It's a fairly new condo, and our first Christmas there. We've never really settled in a specific venue ever since
our lola (mom's mom) passed away.

Mom and Tita Emma (and my Tito Boy) are the ones left here, while their siblings are already living abroad.

Ang konti na namin, buti nalang crazy ang sisters ko. And super takaw, thus nakikisabay ako sa kainan!
Daya lang hindi sila tumataba katulad ko, hehehehe. :p

Dad enjoying his Jack Cola. Salap!

We also have an adorb new member in the family: baby Seth! He entertained us the whole night, actually. :)

Nung nag 12 o'clock na, we started distributing our gifts! Dad got lots of ill-sized clothes, and kahit yung
Native shoes I got him, mali ang size (akala ko ba size 8 ka dad! Haha). Buti nalang lenient ang exchange
policies ng Res Toe Run! ;p (this is not a sponsored post, hahaha, hi Primer Group! ;))

December 25: Cake Party with the Gonzales Clan

Another change is celebrating Christmas 2012 with the Gonzales not in Tanauan Batangas (where we usually
get-together), but in my tita's house in Guadalupe. They decided not to go all the way to their hometown,
also, ever since my (other) lola passed away. I miss Christmas in the province, though.

We had SUPER DAMING food that day, bilang TWELVE lang naman sila daddy magkakapatid! Haha.
But ang highlight is this "lechon" na I can eat (haha)--bread sha! :D

Another highlight is this "Cake Party"! Potluck kasi kami, and marami ang nag dala ng desserts, kaya they
opened all these boxed treats after our lunch---and presented them buffet style! :D

Here are some of the gifts I got this year:
La Senza undies, H&M peach long shirt, So-en undies, Adidas gym pants, and Tango tweed jacket.

I love the note with the tweed jacket from my Ate:
"Merry Christmas Anagon! Para sa future events!"

Last December 22, before all these happenings, I had a movie marathon in my room, and
one of the films I (re)watched was Love Actually. This scene made me cry, well, a litol. Hehehe.

To love without hope or agenda.... :)


  1. oh em ang sweet ni tito and tita!!! <3 merry christmas, gia!

    1. Laughtrip noh! Tawa kami ng tawa hahaha :D Merry Christmas din Rose!!!

  2. ang cute nung jacket!! and oh pengeng cake!!!!! haha Happy Holidays Ana!! xx, Anne (

    1. Hehehehe ftw yung gift ni ate noh! :D And naku overload na ng cake, kung pwede lang iLBC yan hehehe :) Merry Christmas Anne!

  3. Kilig na kilig lang ako sa parents mo sis!! Hello tito and tita!! ♥ AND SUPER CUTE NUNG LECHON!! In fairness bread pala yon!!! KYOTTT!! :D Haha I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations, sis! So happy for you! :)

    1. Hehehehe laughtrip na masaya noh? :) And panalo nga yung lechon nadeceive din ako nun! ;D Merry Christmas and hope you had a blast din lil sis! Miss you! :)

  4. that is my fave hand sanitizer!
    happy holidays sis.



  5. ANG DAMING CAKE!!ang daming panty!!!!haha un lng tlga un pinansin?!haha bkt panty lng wlng bra?prng bitin?!!?:)) I love the jacket peg ko! ndi ko alam yang movie na yan..hmm mapanuod nga sa new year!:)

    1. Hahaha I know!! Panay panties hahahaha :D
      Yes watch mo nice yan sis, ako naman New Year's Eve ni papa zac efron panunuorin ko hehehehe ;D

  6. Nilalanggam ako sa sweetness ng parents mo :))


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