The Weary World Rejoices

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grabe, there goes Christmas day 2012! I hope you had a blast with your loved ones as much as I did.
Ang biliiis lang noh? But I've never eaten that much food in a day! HAHA.... Quota nako!!

Dahil patapos na uli, sinusulit ko na ang patugtog ng Christmas songs. Gasgasin na si Mariah, Britney, at
Kelly Clarkson! Haha. One of my favorite lines from a Christmas song is "The weary world rejoices".

Ewan ko, parang the line reminds me of the whole every cloud has a silver lining shiz. 
Maybe there is an end to sadness. Or maybe even the tired can be inexplicably happy.

Seafoam Green Knit Top - BU4, Danika Navarro's Stall
Black Tank Top - Miss Sixty
Black Skinny Jeans - Wrangler
Black Flats - SM Parisian
Necklace (Flowers) - Forever 21, Swallow - The Landmark
Blue Charmed Bracelet - Gifted by my dear reader CAYCEE
Pink Watch - Bench Time

Maliban sa Christmas Day itself, ang favorite ko talaga is Christmas Eve. Iba yung anticipation of waiting,
yun bang nakakainip pero nakakaexcite! Parang love. HAHA POTA.

Went out of the house a little bit earlier than usual nung 24th. Kailangan pa namin bumili ng pang
potluck namin for Noche Buena at this year medyo lumast minute kami (mga walang time! :p).

Mom's swinging Santa pakulo, haha:

Said goodbye muna to our family dogs Keeks and Ting (yung favorite ko, ayang askal na kasama ko sa pic hihi). 

First stop, we headed over to Conti's Alabang, for Ate's roast beef contribution.

After a few minutes of waiting for Ate inside the car,
nainip nadin ako (ang haba ng pila, tagal ng service, though understandable at Pasko)

I went out to a near-empty parking lot with my sister Cea, and played with my camera nalang.

I asked her to take my outfit pictures, thus the dramatic shots above, hehehe.

Title dapat niyan "Chasing Pavements", lolz!!!

Daddykins joined us din. :)

Again and again, thank you to my reader named Caycee for giving me the blue bracelet last BU4! :)
I super appreciate all the sweet gestures! May kasama pang notebook and letter yan! :)

Halos nighttime nadin when the order arrived, so we had dinner nadin in ATC's Mexicali dahil for
sure matatagalan pa ang Noche Buena namin (plus aattend pa kami ng mass)

After the early dinner, I checked out Mary Grace for my contribution (desserts).
Check out the empty shelves! Panic buying ang mga tao! Haha!

Ate and Cea waiting for me outside Mary Grace:

Parang cafe sa ibang bansa noh! Lovet!

I love the place! Sobrang Christmas-y and homey!

The whole family heard mass before heading to Ortigas (instead of Lagro) for Christmas salubong with
mom's sister. 

The family welcomed a lot of changes in this year's Christmas (lalo na sa venue). Honestly, nakakalungkot 
sha at first thought, dahil nadin siguro sa mga nakasanayan. Pero sabi nga ni Ate, ganun talaga, tumatanda nadin tayo. 

More kwentos nalang on my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on next post. :) For now,
leaving you with lines from Father Jose Ramon Villarin's Homily:

"Expectations, and the sense of entitlement and pride that grows from them, can also drive a wedge in our love for one another. We can expect big and fantastic and “proper” things of our beloved, because we too have grown to expect nothing less of ourselves. These expectations, these petty entitlements, can only distort what is real and true about our beloved and our imperfect selves.

"The root of the word “expectation” means to look out.  Ex-spectare.  Tonight, there is no need to look out in the distance (out of ourselves) anymore.  We only need to look in, to look inside us, into our very hearts to find God again.  We only need to look in, to look at the faces we keep of those we have loved and those who have loved us to come close to God again." (Read the whole Homily here)

Merry Christmas, guys!!! I love you, God bless you.


  1. BIG SIS MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:)) walang quota lamon lng!!!!:))) Hope u had a wonderful holiday!!:)

  2. Thank you lil sis!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS DIN!!! :) enjoy and hope to see you soon busy girl!!! :)

    1. Hindi ako busy nagpapamiss lng.char!!!:)) Sa january na ako oorder ng new accezz para ako buena mano sa bagong taon!pag milyonarya ka na pag matapos ang 2013 wlng limutan!!:))

    2. Hahahaha! :D Salamat salamat! :D Naku walang kalimutan I swear, hehehe :) (Talagang hindi tumanggi sa milyonarya hahahaha ;D) Happy New Year!!!!!

  3. merry christmas ana love!!! <3 ako din quota na kakain! eto nga nasusuka na ako sa kabusugan haha! thanks so much for everything :) enjoy the holidays!!


    1. Hahahaha! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rovie! :) Miss you cray girl! :)

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  5. Merry Christmas Ana! Grabe, ngayon lang ako ulit naka OL dahil sa "rush" hehehe! Hope you had a great time with your family. Lagro (Novaliches) ba yan? Lapit lang house ko dun e :)

    1. Hindi ko sure if Nova sha, but malaaaayoooo! But then we changed venue Ortigas na pala nun Christmas eve, happy padin tho :) Enjoy the holidays, sis! :) Mwah!

  6. merry christmas babe, kaka touch naman your entry. i miss you! and kita ko no yung santa ni tita! hahahaha!

    1. Hahahahaha parang yung Christmas letter ko ba sanyo hahahahha ;D Naku isa palang yan sa mga Santa pakulo ni Mother hahahahahaa :D Miss youuu!

  7. Merry Christmas ulit to you and your family, sis! ♥ Alamoyan, nagkaka-Christmas blues din tayo pero buti nalampasan natin! Haha dami ko rin na-realize nitong season, nagma-mature na rin utak ko. HAHA! Love you!!


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