In between Christmas and the New Year

Friday, December 28, 2012

Catch up lang, before another holiday rush (New Year!)!

I am so happy to be on a self-imposed vacation parin, although I still answer online inquiries parin for
Anagon from time to time (true love na ata to guyz, haha). Yesterday, though, went out to meet my UST friends
for our Christmas reunion. Unlike with my high school friends, I don't know why but I seldom meet with my 
college buds, soooo kahit faraway north nila sinet ang lunch, gow! Push! Lol. My outfitelles:

The street is my catwalk, nyahaha.

Checkered polo with lace collars - HerBench
Tan skirt with pocketses and lace edge deets - Petit Monde
Swallow Necklace - The Landmark
Tan Loafers - Hush Puppies
Leopard Bag - Avon Fashions
Photos by Paul Chuapoco, thank you!

The kwentos...

Meet our class president, Cords! Hehe! Taray effect lang yan, but this girl is one of the FUNNIEST persons
I've ever met! :)

We reserved 10 seats in Sambokojin West Avenue. First time to eat there, and in this restaurant, at 
impressive naman ang selections! Hi LJ!

Hirap ba mamili sa dami? Haha! 
 LJ is one of the boys in my class! Sha lang din ata ang nakatuloy ng career in journalism (our course) bilang
photographer sa Manila Bulletin.

Zsa showing off her college ID, na nawala na ang print, nalipat na sa plastic lalagyan, hahahaha!

The girls, with Jam! Jam is one of my first college friends! 

Group pic!

 I love you guys! Yup 5 lang kami nakapunta! More naman, next time! Still, I had fun at panay tawa lang!

Thank you Jam and Zsa for the Christmas gifts!!!

Sharing some college photos - back when I still have straight black hair, nauuso palang ang cellphone 
camera, at pinapangarap ko pang maging isang published writer. :)

Since asa West Ave nadin, had a spontaneous meet up with my best friend Paul. First time to go inside his office:

Since office hours pa nun, nag saling-kit ako in their creatives meeting. Minsan nakiki butt-in ako sa 
discussions (lol), but super fun na just watching them plan their 2013 activities:
Ok, acting nalang tong picture nato at wala nang laptop and shiz, wasn't taking photos during the actual
meeting at hiya ko lang, hahaha. Also toured around PMP's office, and finally saw bff's OC hits room! :)

We took our outfit shots in front of their building, and saw JP Singson and his mom in his nearby shop! :) 
He took our picture while inside their awesooome Unisex boutique for their FB page.

 Afterwards, bff and I headed to SM North to catch The Hobbit on Imax, na hindi mashado naimpress si bff
(sa Imax). Pero laughtrip lang si Golum and pocketsessss, hehehehe!

After strolling, continued our kwentuhans in Bubble Tea..for dinner nadin:

Had random conversations, but most of the time, bff did the talking. I enjoyed listening to his stories, though! It was a happy day of catching up with old friends--to know more on how they had been after years of being out of school. Biro mo, 10 years na halos since our first year in college--at sabi ko nga sa kanila tandang tanda ko padin hanggang ngayon ang first day of school namin! Haha! Crazy college memories--where most people over-used their sudden freedom (haha). And lastly, I will always appreciate getting to know new friends beyond what they are now or what we see from them now, by just listening to their personal stories of their own college (and even younger) selves. :)

TGIF! Woop! Weekend na, bakasyon nanaman! Haha!


  1. love ur outfit!!very comfy with a dainty touch.:) cute nyo ni paul!hay..gwapo tlga ni paul!!shhh secret lng un ah!!haha char!:))))

    1. Thank you lil sis! :) Confused parin ako sa style ko, pero di mawawala ang "laidback" vibe hehehe :) Uuuuuy makakarating to kay bff! Hehehehe char lang :) Thanks sa comment!

  2. natawa ako sa "The street is my catwalk" hehehhe
    very fashionista commuter (pasok sa name ng blog!) ang outfit mo dito :)

    Michael Macalos

    1. Hahahaha lakas maka paandar ;p Thank you Michael! :)

  3. Uuuy!!! Alam ko tong lugar ng outfitey mooo!! Sheeet haha konting kembot lang from my house. Sana dinalaw niyo ko :'( Miss ko na kayooo! Haha! Love you sis!! Sobrang saya mag-catch up with high school and college friends! Just came home from a sleepover with my HS girlfriends ♥ Sarap sa pakiramdam!

    1. Sayang!!! Super lapit ka lang pala sa west ave?! :D And true, pero yan ang di ko na nagagawa..overnights with them! Kamiss! :)


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