#KindnessattheAyalaMalls - Greenbelt 3 Cinemas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let me just say, lucky is he who finds company and comfort in oneself. 
For people may leave and people may come, but you will remain unscratched. 

I got a tweet yesterday kung bakit daw ako nagsisine mag isa. I felt embarassed at first, people 
pointing out me being alone, but I realized, hey--being alone doesn't make one lonely. I am actually glad
I am back (unti-unti) at being comfortable with the company of someone you have to take care of the most--my self!
If you can't even be happy with your own company, nakakaawa ka naman. 
But it can be learned. Ang seriouz ko naman mashado, matanda na nga ata ako, haha! 
Kids, I am sure you'll get what I mean in the future. :)

Anyway! I went to Greenbelt 3's cinemas (aka my favorite sinehan!) yesterday, before heading to my
high school barkada Christmas party. I had dinner and sobrang meaningful talk with Tracy before that, in
the nearby Mary Grace. I super love this girl, tawa lang kami ng tawa but panay philosophical talks
din in between, nakakalokang feeling experts in life! Hahaha! LOVE YOU GURL!

Checked out the movies, and regretting not being able to catch yung owl movie, hay. :p

Went to the cinemas 2nd floor to check out the ganaps for the Kindness Project by the Ayala Malls

Akala ko bat walang nanyayari e 7pm na, when I saw these two carts in front of Chimara (na maraming
super sarap vegetarian movie foods!)


They gave away these free popcorn bags inside the theaters na, so I wasn't able to take pictures bilang
bawal ang camera inside (no to piracy! haha). I am sure everyone inside got surprised with this random act
of kindness--dahil kahit no matter how small, it's always always the thought that counts. :)

Be updated on the next Ayala Mall Kindness Project! 

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