Move to the Vibe of Glorietta!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Another photo heavy post! Finally I have time to type kwentos while here in my SuperSale stall. Kelly just left, so no visitors muna. As expected, hindi mashado matao at weekday, but Jenny and I had been so efficient and productive, working on online orders and eto nga, backlogs time naman ako now! Natutuwa lang ako that finally I have an assistant na in making my accessories! Ako parin ang taga wire ng words, but Jenny assists in cutting and attaching chains and locks, and packing the items one by one. Sha pa nga ang taga check ng spelling ko now na duling mode na ako sa dami ng jinujuggle! Haha! Jenny is the BEST! Lol.

Anyway, on to the Glorietta event! It started with the AVA.PH bloggers votation thing a few weeks ago. Nung nakita ko my friends were there, I started campaigning din for them, and marked the date. I got an event pass invitation from MRM, the PR handling Ayala events, and got more excited. When the day arrived, I went to the new wing of Glorietta a few minutes earlier, and checked out my friends at the F&H! 

Caught them all made-up na, and ready for the ramp! Check out their looks:

Hi Verniece! The pretty living Barbie sporting a diff look for the show...Umeedgy vibes!

Melai with the sleek hair look!

More more bloggers for F&H!

Pretty as always, my bebeh Tracy Ayson!

Ikaw na si Olivia Paminta! Hahahaha, my pretty blog sister Aisa Ipac!

With pogi Papa Mikyle! Para akong nagpapic sa artizta!!!

I love you GF forever!!!

One last photo op with Pax, Papa Gerd, and Bebeh Trace before they head out to the backstage!

Walked to the exit pa-SM, turned right going to Park Square, just to get to this "Green Gate":

After a while, Mother Earth found a way for us to get better seats for the show. Front Row WOOOT!
Hindi lang ako nandon as a blogger, anyway. I was there as a stage friend, a fan girl, taga cheer lang and taga picture ang peg! Haha!

Dinner before the show:

One of the fashion show's major sponsors: Tattoo Black

When we returned to the venue, jampacked na the place!

Move to the Vibe of Glorietta is an event to give everyone a “teaser” on the reopening of the New Glorietta. 
This was held at the Palm Drive, so we saw nadin what's new in our favorite mall, in a way.

The VIPs:

Ms. Bianca Araneta and Papa Victor Basa got awarded as The Best In Black by Tattoo Black:

Event's host Billy Crawford and Bianca Gonzalez! Kaaliw lang kasi sinayaw ni Billy yung
Take it to the Head, lol, napaghahalataang Showtime fan ako sa tuwa hahaha!

Actually, the main objective of Move to the Vibe of Glorietta is to beat the current world record of no. of people walking on a catwalk.

According to Kirsty Bennet, official representative and judge from Guinness’ Wold Records,
the former record holder: Istanbul, Turkey with 1,967 models on a catwalk

Kirsty Bennet from Guinness’ Wold Records! 'Stig din ng job niya noh? Hehe!

Then the show started! Ms. Bennet was super meticulous with the whole show...Ayan sha kung makapanuod talagang titig! :)

Kaaliw din naman the show! They have five ramps, five big screens that project yung featured brand, and another 5 flat screen TVs na prinoproject kung pang ilan na yung rumampa.

All shapes, colors, age, style, rumampa na ata that night!
Cute kid working the catwalk!

Model and events host Janeena Chan also walked for a brand:

I even saw St. Scho friends for GAP! Hi Eena, Jenny, and Yam!!!

Soperman was also there! Hello!

Got excited when it was Ferretti's turn na! Alam kong most of the my blog friends will walk for this
shoe ready na camera ko!

Shen of Shen's Addiction

Krissy Cruz!!!

Martha Santa Barbara

Carizza Chua

I forgot the brand, but I also saw a reader who calls me "Ate A"! Hi Andrea!

Jheng Baluyot

Some friends waved at us when we called and cheered for them!
Liz Lanuzo...

Hi Liz! Hehe!

Kira Ramirez

And another wave for us! Hehe!


Second dinner? Char. The topless boys for LEE:

Another professional runway model, Jessica Yang:

Celebs here and there:

Hayden Kho

YEEEZ! Hezron "Hezy" Peralta!

And then biglang pumasok this foreign guy in cotton candy suit!
Learned the he is Kyle Patrick of The Click Five! 

...E iisa lang sha, sabi ni Pax si "Click One" Hahahaha!

Favorite part was when he sang JENNY! Ang saya! But got distracted when..

...They flashed Folder and Hung na!!! I went up from my seat, and si Papa Gerd kaagad nakita ko! *click*

I was at the other side na of the stage, when I realized na unlike the other brands na isang ramp lang ang
gamit, for Folded, buong stage area!!!! :( Ang layo ko when I spotted Sarah walk the opposite ramp
from where I was standing!!!!

I looked at the ramp in front of me, and there's Ryan naman! Blurry photo sorryyy :(

Lissa Kahayon

Taranta mode when I saw Tracy sa far end ramp again! Hubadera hanggang sa stage, haha!

Dani Barretto! Hi Dani! :)

Papa David Guison!


And then that's it! Hindi ko nga manlang nakita si PAX!!!!!!!!! WAAAH WHYYYY!!!?? :(

Still can't get over, I wasn't able to take clear pictures of my friends. :( Anyway, Papa Sam Milby also
walked for the brand:

Another celeb:

Moremore song number from Click One, hehehe:

I know her!!! From Primer!! Haha!

Idol Divine Lee also graced the show:

Papa V

RJ Ledesma

Geneva Cruz

Andrew Wolf

I know him!! Carvey's friend!

Bianca Gonzalez

Pauline Prieto

It's Kath!

May mga nag bike and skateboard din:

Denise of PBB:

Jasmine Maierhofer, and PBB's Ivan Dorschner:

Clothes showcased are from merchants that can be found in the Glorietta mall!

And with that, the show ends with a bang...and cool shower of confetti. Nakakasenti yung ganitong eksena
noh? Laking One Tree Hill kasi ako, haha.

While Guiness and Ms. Kirsty Bennet assessed the fashion show and models if nabeat natin ang Istanbul, Turkey, idol BAMBOO performed several songs for us! Grabe panalo!!! Instant concert, and front row pa!!!

One of my favorites was when he sang the makapagdamdaming Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah....(senti vibes!)

...And then followed it with his own more upbeat Hallelujah!

Panalo talaga his stage (and off-stage) presence! Kaswerte naman the girl, hehehe:

Galet ka koya? Hehehe:

Chumill talaga sha sa empty seats sa audience area!

Another favorite: Bamboo's version of Wonderwall! Ang puso ko! Hehe.


And finally time for dinner...este...announcement if we were able to beat the current record holder of the most number of people walking on a catwalk!

...And we did!!! WOOT! The best sa lahat ng ito is that I was there to witness the event...
at marami sa friends ko were there!!! Ang saya!

Cheers to MANILA and to the NEW GLORIETTA!

New record holder: Manila, Philippines with 2,255 models in a catwalk!

After 2, 255 models, and 2 instant concerts, I'd declare that it was indeed a GOOD VIBES day!
Ang saya kasi laking-Glorietta ako...Na kahit south kid, I studied in St. Scho Manila kung saan madalas ang "gimmick" (lalo pag nakatakas palabas ng Gate 1, lol) ay sa "QUAD" or "G4"! Wag kakalimutan ang barkada pic sa Kodak or Neoprint, haha! Naalala ko pa ang parties sa GLICOS (yung may bumper boat and ride na hugis bus haha), FASHION CAFE, and STREET LIFE! I am happy that the mall I had great memories in is starting to recover again, with a brand new wing, a new international RECORD, and still with that happy VIBE we look for when we go out for some fun with our family and friends.

KUDOS to the team!
This event was made possible by Ayala Malls-Glorietta, powered by, and Tattoo Black.

.......And the shower of confetti continues. Happy na emo, pwede ba yun?
Hahaha, I am such a sentimental fool. ;p


  1. Wow, cool photos! I'll add your blog post link to my post if that's okay. :)

    1. Thank you! :) Yehey!!! Napapansin din sa wakas improvements sa kodakan ko! :D

  2. ganda talaga ng runway shot mo of me, ang lapit! hahaha, pa email ha, will try to edit. why wala tayon photo together sa f&h?

  3. i enjoyed reading this. thanks for the complete report as i was really clueless of what happened. lol I love tracy's look at may hubad hubad pa sa stage! thanks for the photo! pagrab konti haa :)

  4. Ang ganda ng photos mo sis!! Galing galing naman! Haha sheeet Bamboo. Baka nadurog din puso ko if I was there! Lol din sa Click One! Benta talaga mga hirit niyo ni Pax forever!! Hahaha see you tomorrow sis ♥

  5. I really, really enjoyed this post! Galing, eh I was having a bad day pa naman but this cheered me up sis! :) Thank you!!

    I LOL'd at the 'second dinner' hahaha pa-share? :D Parang nagsisi ako na I went home agad XD

  6. hahaha...your captions are always a fun read. I wonder if you talk like that in person too!?

  7. Thanks for sharing the experience, Ana! I was there too, kaso nasa sponsors area kami. And late na ako dumating, so medyo nasa likod na. Hassle nga eh! And na-feel ko yung hassle ng F&H segment dahil hiwa-hiwalay! :P Napansin ko rin eh. Pero ang fun kasi ang daming bloggers! Parang ako, "Uy si ano! Si ganito! Ay sina ano!" Hahaha sayang 'di ko kayo nakita!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  8. Haha I loved it Ana! Ang dami mo palang photos! :D Will be sharing this with AVA. Next time ikaw rin rarampa ha, I won't take no for an answer. :))


  9. I forgot to say, lang, not! Hihi!

  10. I think the best part of this is when Bamboo sings! haha..
    I really like the photos you have taken. More and more in other post please! :D

    Glorietta is really a best venue!


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