Tony Moly Opens in Alabang Town Center!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, we can always count on our Korean friends to produce
effective total skin solution to achieve the ideal and beautiful skin every woman (and even man!) wants. 
Poreless skin, anyone? :D

Aside from tailor-fit products (they have around 1500!), Tony Moly also boasts of their uber cute packaging. 
Check out the products available during my Tony Moly ATC store visit:

Panalo, I love the Cats Wink collection:

Bunnies naman, wait I forgot if ano sila haha! Ang cute lang!

Different tools for better (and more efficient) makeup application:

Fruits, tomato, egg, and coffee?

...Just some of the cute Tony Moly beauty products!
Learned that TONY MOLY is the mix of English word Tony or stylish, and Moly which means To Package. 
In short, Putting style into packaging!

JYJ loves Tony Moly's Aqua Aura!
These products are meant for skin moisturization!
Aqua Aura is dubbed as breakthrough technology with its glossy aqua complex and mineral water for extraordinary hydration!

More products endorsed by JYJ, so Tony Moly is not just for the ladies talaga!

Suit up! Body gel:

Pakacute! Lip shape lip balm!

My favorite counter: Kung anu-anong makeup!

Assorted falsies to suit your kaartehan preference, haha:

Nail polish and nail stickers:

The Korean specialty: BB Creams for diff shades and skin types:

Parang marker na lip color!

Gift sets bilang I'm sure lahat tayo mag rush Christmas shopping nanaman, hehe:

Medyo loner mode ako when I went to the Tony Moly ATC launch last week. It wasn't bad at all, though,
basta south event inaasahan kong chill vibes lang! Ang cool din that I got to meet new bloggers
(most prob mga southerners din like me?) ... And I am particularly fond of the Lolitas dahil I super love 
seeing them! Ang cucute na nga, ang ssweet pa! :) Parang one of my favorite girls lang, si Chai Muncal!:)

The girl with cute eyeball hair accessories is Meoki, while the platinum haired girl is Angel (also Tony
Moly's PR). :) 

Also met these lovely ladies:

We had a little store tour c/o Angel:

Hi Kath! Hehe:

Others had a makeover:

While I feasted on these Tous les Jours treats!

Thank you so much Angel for inviting me, and nice to see you again Kath!! :)

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  1. Hi Ana! You're welcome i am so glad you came! That was actually my last gig for tm hehehe I resigned na kasi nung Oct pa :) See you around!

  2. ermergerd!
    anlapit lang ng atc sa'min,
    am so gonna visit it soon.



  3. Hello hello Ana, Naku nakakahiya yung stolen shot ko. Hehehe! Nice to see you again :)Ang cute ng outfitey mo. Gusto mag try ng ganyan na chill lang. Kamiss mag suot ng sneaks.


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