Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog Friends Year-Ender Dinner!

Although I am the "personal space kind of girl" (ask niyo mga naovernightan ko nang houses, I love sleeping sa pinaka corner ng bed, on my own, haha), I still love a great company. I think yun ang nag kulang sa akin during the years I caught the "quarter life crisis" and felt "alone"--bilang self-employed nadin ever since I graduated. I love the online interactions I get through FB and Twitter, But there's nothing like moremore realness: face-to-face conversations, besos when you arrive, akbays when you stroll around the mall, biglaang hugs, and those high-fives and back slaps over bentang hirits. 

This year though, paulit ulit pero I'm so happy to have met real friends through blogging! We even celebrated special occasions together-- like birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas....

--this time, I spent the day before New Year's Eve in our little year-ender! Meeting place was in Greenhills, and bilang kilala ko na sila, I texted them nung asa bus na ako na on my way na ako "At sana naman kayo din!" haha. Yun pala magkakasama na sila, and ako pa ang late! ;p Took these pictures after bff's Sbarro treat, and after taking each other's outfitey pics!

We had our little get-together over at Sarah's place--the artsy unit na nakawitness ng countless 2012 memories: crazy dancing while playing youtube-d songs from our youth, spontaneous diy afternoons, beer nights, and yung night we had cute model guests that the group struggled to converse with them! Nosebleed haha!

In short, perfect venue nga naman to end our year. :)

This is me, with a 2013 wire headband (which I gave to Pax), Sarah's cute dog Chewy, and Tracy  inside her throw pillow fortress to guard her against.... Dogs. Haha!

Aie!!!!! I super missed this girl! Isa sha sa long-time blog friends ko! :)

The kitchen committee: Mich, Niche, Paul, and Sarah!

They were assigned to cook for us that night! Si Paul at Sarah nag culinary daw talaga before so kelangan matikman naman namin ang luto nila! :)

Busy nila Mich and Chef Sarah--ipinagluto kami ng kaniyang famous pasta with wine reduction sauce. Hahaha.

Tagay daw muna, hehehe! Nabawasan pa ang ingredient! ;p

Me to Pax: "So anong role natin dito?" 

Pax: "Wala. Tatambay, magpipicture...."

"maglalaro ng aso..."

"...iinom, magpapacute...."

"...kakain ng chips, magkkwentuhan..."

"maglalaro uli ng aso..." (lol)

Ang bait namin noh? Hahahaha!

Mga tambayerzzz:

Habang pawis na pawis na ang kitchen committee, hehehe:

Triny namin tumambay sa Fire Exit bilang mas mahangin nga sa labas...but tinakot kami ni Sarah sa flying ipis. :p 
Was able to take this picture before going back inside!

Cute! Saw this letter ni Nikola (Sarah's daughter) on top of the piano (pakeelamera ko lang, lolz)

Papa D rolling the Dear Darlas--- Talagang wala kaming tulong noh hahaha! Hi Tracy sinong ka-text? ;p Hehehe.

Hello uli Chewy! :D Hahaha!

Sarah took out her portable speaker na mukang isang malaking flashlight para mas malakas pa ang sounds ni Pax from her phone. 
Pax: "Pano tooo... Ang hightech!!!"

When she finally discovered the works, they started dancing!
Tracy: "Dapat ganito tayo sa Sinulog!" (btw, we're all going this month, woooot!!!!)

And then I joined the party...

Na nauwi sa "Coldplay concert", fist pumps, talunan, and then harutan! Patawa!

I forgot kung minutes or hours later.....
but finally, Dinner iz served!

Dear Darla collab = Papa D x Yellow Cab (lolzzz)

Sarah's famous red sauce pasta ...in wine reduction, hehehehe. Yum!

The paandar foods of the night: Paul's chicken dish (sorry hindi ko alam ang tawag haha)...

...And my personal favorite: the sobrang cheesy eggplant parmigiana! :)

Walang picture nung prayer time, but si bff din ang naging prayer leader:

Mga excited-slash-gutom, hehe! SARAP NG FOOD! Thank you to our cooks!

Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano to nangyari guys (hahaha), but after the super panalong dinner...

Pax and I got assigned as the (English-speaking) dishwashers, hahahaha!

Para mas masaya, we turned it into a GAME NIGHT! We started with the local Monopoly game
na dala ni Pax. Ang cool lang as in may Shaw Boulevard, Ayala, at Cubao!

With Mich as the banker..... Na madaling nakawan (hahaha)

It was fun and mesa-competitive game, at di maiiwasan na panay murahan (hahaha).
Aie and Tracy weren't playing, so I included them in the game (bilang nalulugi nadin naman ako, hehe)
as my lawyer and (hahaha) bank robber, respectively (hahahaha).

I got so attached to Abad Santos hahaha at dun lang ako kumikita. I wonder kung san ba yung lugar
na yun, hehe. Paul won bilang nakapagtayo na sha ng squatters area, este, compound (haha!). We
took another board game, this time kay Sarah naman, and first time ko ata nakalaro nito. It's called
the "Beer Game", na may dancing, kissing, and (in photo) push ups involved. Go Niche!

Sayang walang photos but we also played the kaka-tense mashadong Killer-Police-Healer chu chu, na tinuro samin ni Pax. Sobrang nawili kami sa game, every time nag eend may hihirit na "Isa pa, last na talaga!" Nakakatawa din yung hirit nila na "Galingan naman natin guys!" bilang ayaw namin mag end yung game. ;p

Winks from the killers! Hehehe!
photo from sarah

Isa pang imbentong bloggers pose game, using the Poses book nila Sarah and Pax (yup may ganun talagang libro! ;p)

Kaguley group picture before seryosong uwian na talaga!

Thank you po sa mga dumagan sakin at hindi na ako nakita, hahahaha!

Gifts from Pax ...and Mich (Ferrero!). Pax on the love bracelet: "Alam ko namang isa lang ang gusto mo"
Me: "Ano?"
Pax: "Pag-ibig" Nyahahaha!

Sarah, my forever fashion critique, got me these two leather belts! :) Naalala ko the time she told me na
must-haves to and I must get genuine leather na talaga since investment pieces naman. :)

More thank yous before I end this post....
Thank you tech gods for taking my private diary-writing days to another level: a public place to share my thoughts and get actual "comments" from real people. Thank you also to all the supportive brands for trusting us bloggers and for making blogging (a guilty-pleasure/ hobby of an over-sharer like me) more exciting and practical than it already is. But the most important thing, and the one that I am most thankful for is this realness that I am living now. I am looking forward to more silly days like this on 2013! :)

...Don't worry iboblog ko lahat niyan! ;)


  1. Looks so fun! ^_^ Happy new year to everyone!

    - Sai from Fashion by Sai

  2. Ang saya! Nakakatawa kayo :P Happy new year, neighbor! :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

    1. thank you neighbor!!! happy new year to you tooo! :)

  3. Ang cute nyo po tlga! Lalo na pag nag sama sma n kaung lhat! Keep inspiring us ate

    1. hahaha salamat roxanne :) you guys inspire me too :) mwah!

  4. You guys are so stylish ad fun! Btw, I just followed you. I hope you can check my blog and follow me, too.

    XX, Jenniya

    1. thank you jenniya! :) dropping be your blog :) happy new year!

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    1. thank you talaga sarah! more bonding this year ok! :) happy new year din love youu!!!

  6. Napakasarap to have great bonding/moments with friends talaga!! :') Katuwa kayo panoorin dito sa pictures, haha! I'm sure puro tawanan and kaguley yan! Happy new year sis ♥

  7. ang saya saya naman nitooo!!! im sure super kulit nyo lang lahat :D happy new year ana! thanks for being a part of my 2012 :D more this 2012 i hope!!

    The Bargain Doll

  8. happy new year ana! i so love reading your blog because it's soooo real..and doesn't have any qualms. <3 this looks so much fun and can't wait to see u guys this sinulog! whoot!

    ♥ latest post: "look back once then move move forward" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  9. Awww looks fun!! Nakakatuwa talaga kayo! Anyway see you again soon Ana, and everyone! <3

    Xo, Dian

  10. benta un ano role ntn part?natwa ako dun in fair!!! detailed eh! haahhha! real comments ang nkkha mo kac real an real ang blog mo.un lng un!:)

  11. Ang crazy natin!!!!! part 2 please love you all :)

  12. It was nice to see you guys again!!! Excited for Sinulog! Woot!

  13. Go ahead Aieee! Excite narin ako wooot! CEBUUU!

  14. The words shouts F.U.N.!! Happy New Year po! :)


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