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Sunday, February 17, 2013

"If you want to be happy, be." - Leo Tolstoy

I have created several get-happy formulas for myself, here are some of them:

Red Checkered Polo - Robinson's Department Store
Skinny Black Jeans - Wrangler
Nude Flats - SM Parisian
Cat's Eyes Shades - Blog Shop
Betty Necklace - Krissy's Stall, BU4
Wire Hearts Bracelet - Anagon

Love thy body. Do not stress too much on your figure, mas lalong nakakataba yan! For me, I have somehow accepted na I will never be stick-thin like my idol Mary Kate, but I can peg nalang sa medyo hawig ko ang body type--1950s voluptuous ladies! Decided to go for the classy casual 50s look again nun last day of my St. Scho bazaar--para egress ready narin (in pants). No-fail feel-good talaga whenever si Marilyn Monroe ang peg ko--Parang I have more body-acceptance pag naka figure-flattering jeans or skirt ako--at feeling Marilyn pa ako! Hehe!

Invest in your passions. Awhile ago, I decided to pursue my passion for the arts by spending my Saturday afternoon learning another medium other than wiring--creating rubber stamps! :) Will post more about this crafts class experience soon!

I am also excited for the resin-making class I will take up in same "school" next week! Along the way, I've come to realize that hindi lang purely for expression ang art, but it also helps me learn and love myself more.

And of course, it is very refreshing to attend art classes and be surrounded with fellow crafters! I love the overflowing of creative juices and ideas when crafters unite!

Always be a kid at heart. What I love most about my work is that I always interact with the bagets--nakakabata lalo! Haha! :D I love holding bazaars in schools, taking in and keeping up with the full energy of grade school, high school, and college students! 

The awkward and ngisi face ay dahil sa tawang tawa lang ako niyan sa mga batang ang hahyper!!!!! Pabalik-balik lang sila sa slide! The carefree days!

Namimiss ko mag slide!

Yung isa nakakatawa hindi nakuntento lang sa nakaharap, freestyle ang pagslide!

St. Scho Prep Area changed a lot na talaga!

May lined area na for piko, patin (my favorite!), or badminton:

Basketball area:

Volleyball court:

Anti-iPad, PSP, etcetera: There are available balls din that you can borrow, and 2 sets of seesaws:

And lastly, at the end of the day, surround yourself with people you love. :) 

Happy weekend guys! :)


  1. great pictures! :)

    NEW POST UP! Don't forget to drop by my blog. :)

  2. Nakooo. Ako, stressed ako sa pag gain ko ng weight. I love my body pero minsan naiinis ako kase everyone is telling me that I gained weight. Nakakapressure!! Lalo tuloy ako napapakain. HAHA!

    Thanks for sharing your happy formula! :)


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