Chucks for the Girls!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A few days ago, I was able to check out Converse's flagship store in Glorietta
--and discovered their summer collection for the ladies!

The new collection includes the classic Chuck Taylor design, married to trendy ladies' shoe designs 
like wedges, creepers, gladiators, ballerina flats, and summer slip ons! (Photos here)

During the event, we were surprised with an impromptu in-store shoot! :D Pag pasok namin,
may set-up nalang sa end of the store, with Sir Mike Yu as our photographer (he took photos for fhm! :D)).

I was wearing a madam outfitey that day, so great break din from my neon heels to change into the
red comfy Converse Ballerinas! It also transformed the look instantly! Casual, but girly parin! :)

I was holding a neon yellow Converse Ballerinas--sayang wala sa size ko
--ang cute sana ng contrast from the heels to the Chucks! :D

Group photos! :)

Thank you Converse for the fun (almost) all-girls day-out! :)

The Converse Ladies' Line is available at Converse stores and outlets, 

and all designs are at the flagship store in the New Glorietta Mall, Ayala Center, Makati! :) 

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