SM Ladies Fashion S/S 2013 Preview

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I super love SM! Pax was teasing me that day na I am such an SM Parisian girl: "Favorite ka nun e!".
I was thinking na kaya nasabi ni Pax yun because palagi ako naka-RT sa @SMparisian, haha, I replied with:
"E favorite ko rin naman sila!" :)

Anyway, exciting lang to attend another SM event few days ago--this time, featuring naman the SM Ladies Fashion (naku segway lang, favorite ko nga rin pala ang SM GTW! :D Haha!). Of course, all-girls school ang peg namin dito! Hahaha--with my blog girl friends! ;)
Sarah, Pax, yours truly, Ava, Arnie, Mother Earth (thanks for the photo!), and Angela!

The event was held in a "new" place (for me) called Prism Towers (near MOA). Buti nalang the ever-maalaga ARC PR provided a shuttle from Ayala so we reached the venue naman without hassles.

When we got there, sobrang jam-packed na the venue with press people and bloggers (Congrats SM Ladies and ARC! :))! We had supersarap food, and then start na agad-agad the program. 

The event's host was Ms. Issa Litton--na super bet ko the printed pants, na inaassume namin from SM Ladies din! :)

Anyway, on to the clothes na talaga--They had a mini-fashion show around the small venue to present a sneak peek (forever lito ako sa spelling nito, hehe) of SM Ladies' Fashion's May 22 show for Philippine Fashion Week! Exciting! The show daw will be segmented into various style tribes-- Corporate, Ladies Who Lunch, Weekender, Party, and Resort. Nung naglabasan na the models, the bloggers table all took out our cameras to take photos of our favorites! (Actually, lahat pinicturean ko, hehe, check out the pictures to know why! :))

I have a thing for royal blue + red, plus the midi cut of this A-Line dress is just lovely--lakas maka-girl!

I love the styling! Parang Aisa Ipac lang ang look, hehe. Basic pieces, mixed with the quirky button-down shirt. Kulang nalang may bib necklace, Pax na Pax nato! ;) Hehehe.

Love the play of prints, uso parin ang print-on-print! Yey!

This easy to wear shift dress spells summer with its botanical prints. And ang pinaka winner is on white background sha! Presko!

Peacock feathers print!!! Cute!

No-fail parin ang Coco Cabana when it comes to the cutest beach cover-ups!

Nautical! Cute outfit to for malling or morning events:

Go from sea to sidewalk in this easy breezy dress:

Something I'll wear mismo pag nag beach trip! :D But baka mas i-high-waist ko lang si skirt, hehe:

"This year's show celebrates womanhood and the different facets of the stylish woman," says Charlene Yu-Banal, Vice President of SM Ladies' Fashion. "Our vision is to give customers a wider berth of choices so they can better explore their style persona."

I am so excited for these clothes! Knowing SM, afford natin ang price tags niyan and panalo narin sila now when it comes to design and quality! :)
I love all the nautical-themed pieces--but I might go for the quirky prints this time! 
Check out SM Ladies' FB and Twitter for more info and updates! :)


  1. NOOOO if the pants of the host is from SM, I'll be sad talaga :( haha! I bought mine from H&M and I'm sure quadruple so cut ng price if SM sells it :( haha

    Miss you Ana!! :)

    1. Hahaha hi Vern! :D Natawa ako pag nagcocomment ka! ;D

  2. Super duper nice ng clothes ng SM!!! Haha go-to place talaga pag may fashion SOS! Missed you sis!!!! Hope to see you more often bilang malaya na ako ♥ Hahaha!

  3. love this blog! so informative! :)

  4. Waoo its a great collection ! i just wan to know can we also buy dresses from here ?

  5. Looked like a brilliant event, some great fashion on show, the peacock feather design is really nice.

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