Bazaarista + PFW Goer

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 4 down of my 5-day bazaar stint in the Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center! Grabehan ang time talaga pag bazaar-ing, parang hinihigop! Here's my first day look, ingress-mode, so I wore a polo muna over the dress na plano ko suotin for PFW that night.

Blue Polo - Basic House
White Dress -Topshop
White Watch - Esprit Time
Gold Flats - Payless
Thank you Kelly Medina for taking my photos!

I love skirts and dresses! I can live in them, sell in them, eat (a lot!) in them, ingress in them (hehe), and still look cute and may style kahit harabas na sa trabaho (hahaha!). I wore jeans din today and hindi ako comfy, lol. To me, nothing beats the easy breezy palda! 

By 7pm, time to change na to catch the first PFW show I watched this season (SM!). Took off the polo and replaced it with a white cape from Apartment 8, and then wore my Gold Dot white wedges, let my hair down, and all set na!

Ako na talaga si Ana Batungbakal noh? ;p Sa umaga tindera, sa gabi bonggang bongga! Lolol ang korni non shems!!! ;p
Hope to see you again guys tomorrow for the last day of the Superb by Supersale Bazaar! :)


  1. Your so creative ana! from outfits to the stuff you sell! such a talented lady! clap! clap! keep it up girl! :) :) :)

  2. Ang ganda lang ng transformation mo! Bet na bet ko ang all white pfw outfit mo! The cape makes you more it!

  3. Go! sissy ana! day to night talaga outfit, and hindi sya halata huh? cute na cute xah! ^_^

  4. Natawa ako sa easy breezy palda hahahahaha!! Anaaa dalagang dalaga ka naaaa!!!!! :D

  5. ganda mo ana! super blooming and i lavet!!!! :D

  6. HANGGANDA NO CHOS!!!! :'( Love you big sis!

  7. Sis ang ganda mo!! Blooming ata. Nakita kitang pumasok sa hall 3 nung parisian fashion show tas sabi namin ng friend ko "wow change outfit! ganda." Blooming ka sis ha! Mwa! \:D/


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