Because You Can

Saturday, May 04, 2013

In yoga class last week, I was in a difficult pose, feeling every inch of my leg muscle screaming, stretched to its limits. Then my instructor walked by, stopped and reached out to fix my leg--pulling it even further (beyond my limit) to a point I thought I can't reach anymore. Then she said to me, "There! Because you can."

Black Top - Ensembles
Skirt - SM Ladies Fashion
Black Heels - SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel
Bow Necklace - Anagon
Photo by my little sis Arnie Villanueva :)

Wore this to the Nisce Event with Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain, the RSSI League of Fashion, and for the Make Your Havaianas 2013 last April 30. It was a jam-packed day, pero kinaya naman. Made sure I wore my hair bun-style to survive the heat (bilang gusto ko nadin panindigan long-is-sleeves ko, because I can, lol). Also made sure to wear a look that would work for all these different events.

I am not sure how I survived the whole-day-affair, pero parati ko nalang sinasabi sa sarili ko, I can always turn down / say no. In short, ginusto ko to! How can I not, diba? My favorite feeling (!) that day is knowing I went all the way to Magnolia to support a friend in his "moment". I love watching people at their best...Most especially pa lalo when they are close to me. Hassle ba kamo? I will still be there, because I can.

 Also, I was with my friend Arnie for all the 3 ganaps. Through all the taxi rides, the overpriced coffee breaks, and the bad traffic! Although the heat and stress give us license and every reason to go bitchessa, hinga nalang ng malalim, and let go of things (and people) that wouldn't make you feel any better. Learned so much from the past days I would like to live by more, like thinking twice before saying (or typing) anything, and choosing the more positive option/reaction--because I can.

Happy weekend, guys! :)


  1. Sis, bagay na bagay sayo yan. Love the skirt!

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. AWWW ♥ Eto at natuto na tayo. Think twice before making decisions, most especially. Haha! I love you big sis. ♥ Maraming salamat for being such a great friend and sister, I'm sure di lang saken but for all your buds! :D Mwa!

  3. Thank you Jenniya!: ) Love the skirt so so much din! :D

    Arnie: So much to learn noh! :) Thank you sis sa fun times, while "mahirap maging tao", hehehe... Best company in this type of journey! :)

  4. NAMAN!!! BECAUSE YOU CAN!! Haha!! Lagi ko nga tatandaan yan everytime nawawalan ako ng gana mag workout hahahahahaha! 'Te ano ba! Ang galing galing mo na mag-makeup!! *Clap clap clap*


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