Feeling Tumblr - Wanderland 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Still on Wanderland-high! Seryoso! Reviewing pictures and narealize ko ang daming patapon pics (lol). Tinamad ako mag SLR and just used my digicam--sayang!!! Buti parang okay naman silang i-edit and gawing "indi" and "paartsy" nalang ala Tumblr posts, lol---complete with quotes and lyrics! ;p O pili na ng wallpaper! Hehehe.

O diba kahit blurry pwede nadin naman ipost!? :D Hehehe..cheeseballs! Anyway, personally, I loved Nada Surf's Inside of Love. When I heard the intro, napatayo na ako from our sobrangcomfypwedematulog? couch provided by Bauhaus (thank you Chinky!!!). Sabi ko "Guys lalapit na ako, yan na yun!", and received high fives from my friends (akala mo nanalo, hahaha!). I ran to a spot nearer sa stage with my forever partner Pax, and just enjoyed the moment listening to my anthem live. Grabe para akong asa One Tree Hill!!!!

If the song is familiar to you, you might have heard it din (other than sa OTH) sa forever-favorite nating How I Met Your Mother. :) Can't find exact vid, but here's a compilation thing from Youtube:


  1. Thank you for posting this! Matagal ko na gustong hanapin 'yung title ng song nung nag-moment si Ted at Robin sa rooftop nung apartment nila. :)

  2. Omg!!! Thank you tricia for the link !! Natawa ako sa "nagmoment sa rooftop" hahaha!!!!!:D


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