Origami Skirt

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parang Monday noh! Today is sobrang exciting for me. I finished ALL my online obligations AND wire orders last night, kahit puyatan at nakakainis tignan for my forever-worried mom (haha). Nagpaka-adik lang yesterday (with voting as my only rest, haha) para today all set for shipping na, and then ligaya nalang!

Dark Denim Polo - NEXT Jeans
Black and Gray Origami Skirt - Kashieca
Gold Chain Necklace - Anagon
Black Ankle Strap Heels - SM Parisian x Rajo
Photos by Ava Te, thank you!

Segway lang ng onti about the outfit, panalo the skirt noh? :) The popular version of an origami skirt is the white one from Zara, but then I saw this below P1k version in Kashieca, and with interesting color combi pa!

Anyway, ang kinaeexcitean ko is the Jason Mraz concert tonight!!! :D Masaya man ang prod ni Katy Perry, at nagwala man ako nung Keane at Vertical Horizon, and then memory lane si Cranberries and Hanson---pero WALANG tatalo sa ganda ng Jason Mraz concert few years ago! AND mauulit sha tonight! OMG!!!!

Anyhoooo...Outfit worn last week, for our get-together lunch with the girls and Honey !!!

Sa side, habang naglulunch sila, sumaglit din kami ni Tracy and Krissy to meet Julia Barretto and her new project: Pure N Fresh! :)

Everybody went sa kani-kanilang ganap after NamNam, so it was just me, Honey and Ava. The Trio! We took Athan to the World of Fun ba to, where you can leave your child for a while! Naalala nyo ba yung Kids at Work guys!?? Parang ganun! :D

The three of us attended the dinner / launch of Eskinol:

Then, with Ava's help, nahabol my outfit pictures above! :D Haha! Thanks beb!

Anyway, super happy to end the day with the two! :) I remembered how, before Honey left to follow her family abroad, we were the last three din together in a coffee shop. :)

Last picture before Honey left 2 or so years ago (?)!

Wala lang, Honey was my "cornerstone" back then. This was during the days I wasn't my best self, but I had Honey who will always call to check on me. We were always together din, and she's the best listener! I am so thrilled to have her back here in Pinas and the blogging world. We've always kept in touch, but I think the best parin ang face-to-face kwentuhans and real hugs. :) Welcome back, Hon!!! :)


  1. AWWW ♥ Haha such a sweet post! Sana maulit get-together with the girls no!! Bitin yung kwentuhan ng sobra haha! AND!!! I'm so happy for your second Jason Mraz concert :) Excited ako sa kwento mo :*

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  3. tayo na ang new "trio" haha :) natawa lang ako sa itsura ko sa test shot :)) can't wait for more kwentuhans & hope na enjoy mo super si mr.a to z!!


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