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Monday, June 10, 2013

Last week lang ba? Hahaha. Wala ako mashadong pictures nung BU5. May SLR ako, pero pinahiram ko din sa videographer naming si Miguel na nalobat nanaman (haha). Ok lang, mejo hassle din may bitbit na mabigat habang takbo dito takbo doon. So minsan pag may "moment" na gusto kong i-keep (picturean)...Labas nalang ng lakas-maka-VGA kong Blackberry camera phone (haha). May vignette naman effect niya, bet nadin! Hahaha.

Anyway! Start natin with online promotions. Hindi ko alam anong gagawin namin kung wala kaming Madhouse Manila / Raj, at Christine Liwag! :) Thank you for working on our posters and other BU visual chu chus. Hirap ng walang photoshop--pero pag ganyan naman kaefficient ang partners / BU Team mo - ayy napapadali talaga ang work!


Days before BU, nawala na attention ko sa ibang bagay (yoga, Anagon accessories, etc). Day before BU ang pinaka hectic, wala na talagang ligo ligo (joke lang!). Anyway, whole afternoon rumonda kami ni Bff Paul for pickups and other important errands sa mga BU sponsors' offices, and he also helped me out with the plotting /contractor, and the giant tarp requirements ng SMX. Para kaming nag fieldtrip at sobrang magkakalayo! Nighttime direcho na ako sa SMX with my BU partner Pax para last minute preparations, and to welcome the early ingress-ers.

Bloggers night before BU - Pax, Kookie, Tracy, Sarah, Tin, Honey, Lissa, Kryz, and Bea!

Iba yung goosebumps ko when I stood lang sa corner ng SMX Function Room 3. Idagdag mo pa...I went out alone and envisioned the then empty halls punong puno na ng tao for the next day's event. Sentimentalshit, I know, that's how I roll. Hahahaha! ;p

I left that night earlier than Pax. As with the other 4 BUs, ako kasi ang dapat mauna sa venue. The parentals woke me up around 5ish am, and kahit na-ooff balance pako sa antok, excited nako! When I saw SMX (S-M-X!!!!) - nafeel ko na talaga. Thisisit

With my usual bazaaring booth-helper Ed, nag set-up kami sa ingress area to meet the BU bloggers and sponsors. We signed their gate pass, tapos abot ng ID, and showed them the "floor plan". Matrabaho pero masaya!

Was busy with ingress stuff, and gusto ko icheck kung installed na ba yung giant tarps. When I went out...true enough ang pagsesenti the night before:

Jam-packed! Consistent yan till hapon! :D

BU5 Stamp we used sa entrance:

Dahil SMX na kami, we also partnered with SM Tickets - na nagprovide samin ng legit tickets! :)

Photos from Stella Ong:

I still get kilig every time I see these BU paraphernalia. Thank you to my bff for the help kahit rush nato!

Inside the venue: a map of the bazaar stalls c/o our sponsor Style Locale

Some photos during the program. Stayed most of the time sa side ng stage to assist with the stage going ons.

Gelo, Thysz and Mike Gume-"Gentleman"! :D
Photo from Ava! Gersh's band also performed for us, and of course anjan parin ang BU favorite Walkie Talkies! :)

Thank you to the sweetest readers Nato and Monica for this gift! :) Sobrang gutom ko na when they gave me this box of brownies--perfect ang timing! Ang sweet pa! Thanks guys!!!

And lastly, here are the photos you tagged me sa FB/Instagram/Twitter--kasama ako or with your Anagon purchases! :D Thank you guys!

Photobooth with Catch, Christine, and of course my BU partner Pax, before ending the day:

My BU5 Power Team! God knows what Bloggers United will be without them! Ayoko nalang isipin Lord! Haha! 
Thank you to the best Arnie, my favorite Jen, Kelly, Czar, my shock-absorber Christine, my favorite Kai, Jaq, Yana, Nicole, and the best partner Pax! Not in photo but thank you din to CatchPaul, Kuya Arwan, Mich and Ariel! :)

My one and only partner in crime! :) On the way to SMX my mom asked me kung dapat ba ako ang una sa venue, and I told her, "Oo naman, kami may pakana niyan e!" Hahaha.
Can't imagine BU without this girl, the best person to work with! Wag lang kami iharap sa camera at panay kalokohan lang, hahaha! Shempre di mawawalan yan ng laughtrip basta with Pax

Di namin sadya mag blazer that day, hahaha! White and black! ;) Yin and Yang! Hehe.

I don't know how people measure their own success. By wealth? By fame? By their influence? I don't know, but as your sentimental girl, I just knew that that day I was extremely happy--meeting readers, making fellow bloggers and our sponsors happy, fulfilling the "impossible" tasks with "#positivity", having the ever-unconditional Gonzales family around as my "secret angels" helping me with things I can't juggle na with all the BU work, and of course, the silent angels who are more than willing to assist and be there for me. It was a successful day, then.

Thank you and a group hug to EVERYONE who contributed to this happiness.
Till BU6!

To God be the glory!


  1. CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAATSSS!!! Omg alam ko kung gaano kahirap mag-organize ng ganito kalaking event kaya bow ako sanyo ni Pax!!!!! Love you and I'm so happy na SA WAKAS naka-sali na ako sa BU!! Hahahahaha!! Thank you!! :P

    1. Oo nga noh!!! :D Big finally yun!!! :) Thanks Honey!!!

  2. You girls are really the best when it comes to BU!:) Super gaping. hands down! I can't imagine yung dugo't pagoda! But it was a success! Thank you, beb for making it happen!

  3. I love you!!! Sobrang congratulations sa inyo ni Pax for making everyone happy that day! Best BU lahat ng BUs dahil best in effort kayo. Thank you big sis for the trust!!!

  4. @ava and @arnie thank you so much guys!:) Cant wait for BU6 ! :)

  5. Bloggers united 5 was a huge success! congratulations to both of you Anna and Pax. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Hope to see you soon! :)


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