Giordano Monsters University Fair!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halloo guys! :D I am currently enrolled in a cool university.... The Monster's University! ;D Hahaha.

Black Shirt - GIORDANO
Black Leather Skirt - Forever 21
Sneakers - Bensimon

Bensimon sneakers para comfy for school! ;)

My cute monster classmates Arnie and Ava! ;)

Enter the wrought iron gates!

Enrollment lines:

Where we had our ID photos taken (blogger's pose daw Arnie, hehehe!)

Monster name ni Verge, hahahaha!

They also handed our Report Cards to be filled up by our monster profs:

Unlike other schools, pwedeng pwede dito ang tattoo!

First day of school was just yesterday in Trinoma. Kahit kulang ng sleep from Preview Ball the night before, diligent student parin and attended my Monster 101 class, hehehehe. (ga-halimaw din sa eyebags hehehe)

Arnie getting ready for her report na de-colored kartolina parin ang visuals hahaha lovet:

Nung wala pang prof, nagmamagaling:

Anti school bullies, hehe pa-indi shot!

 Test of mental speed naman during Screamology:

Wala nako mata sa kakapuyat pero push parin sa science goggles hehehe:

P.E. ba favorite subject mo? Ang hightetch Physical Education sa Monster's University's Field of Screams:

Si classmate Ava ang best student for the virtual bowling game namin!

Pang old school sports parin ata ako, di ko mahagis ng maayos ang virtual bola hehehe.

Music class naman via School of Rawr! Lowest grade ko ata dito hindi ko masundan yung beat! ;p

Bulletin boards:

Vandal vandal (pag may time) nyuk nyuk.

Tambayan area, na ma film showing ganap! :)

School Spirit! Where we bought our uniforms:
 Giordano x Monster's University collection includes printed tees, hoodies, and polo shirts!

My favorite! Monsters University School of Scaring!

Thank you Giordano Philippines! Ang fun maging Monsters University student kahit for a day lang! 
Can't wait to catch the movie also! :)


  1. at sympre kitang kita na ang saya saya ko sa bowling! hahaha :)) Love ya classmates!

  2. Wahaha tawang tawa pa rin ako sa score natin sa guitar freak. Never again!!! :| Pati sa name ni Verge sa ID hahahaha!! Love you big sis and Ava ♥ Kagulo tayong classmates!

  3. @ava hahahaha e kung maka strike ka naman talaga!!! :D natural! ;) Love u too classmate! :)

    @arnie ahahahaha ayoko na maranasan yun hahahaha! ;D ang beginners nila pang 4th year na hahahah ;D e prep palang tayo! ;p see u again soon!

  4. awww... amazing event! makabili nga ng Giordano shirt... :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing


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