Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi guys! Some random kwento! :)

Red "picnic" Checkered Polo - Robinsons Department Store
Stripes Skirt - SM Ladies
Blue Flats - Payless Shoes Source
Blue Watch - Cotton On
"Good Vibes" Pouch - Team Manila
Photos by Niche Dumlao, thank you!

I am (FINALLY) back in the "hot room"! Medyo magastos sha (P16k for 3 months), kaya ako sobrang hesitant. AND ang hirap pang sulitin ang "unlimited membership" by pushing for a daily Bikram habit, dahil nadin sa busy and unpredictable schedule. But sinasabi ko nga kay Tracyif not now--when? Now or never na to! :p So last Monday, I enrolled na uli para I can have a physical activity injected back in my week.

Ganda ng view namin noh?! Welcome to the Bikram Alabang studio. When I went inside the place again after so many months, our receptionist Ms. Rose was all smiles. Can't help but greet her with: "I'm baack!", which Ms. Rose gladly returned naman with, "Welcome back Ms. Anaaa!". 

I took this hot room shot before ako nasita hahaha, bawal nga pala ang camera! ;p Anyway, during the first day, sobrang dami kong sineat down na poses. I felt light-headed kaagad, hindi nanaman ako sanay! Medyo napapaisip tuloy ako why hindi ko na nafifeel yung thrill and love for this activity, unlike before nung una ko shang ginawa months ago, na nateateary eyed pa ako sa sobrang saya ko after a class (hehe, seriously!). 

Anyway, I am just glad to sweat it all out again, namiss ko yung ganun (cleansing! detox!) and feel ko I've gained a lot of weight din ever since nabusy for BU and had to stop yoga. My favorite part though was after the class, inside the ladies' locker room. Two moms were talking--yung isa parang matagal na nagyoyoga, and the other one parang first week palang niya. I remembered the newbie's performance in class, na kung ako nga hiyang hiya at nakailang rest time, sha talaga for the most part of the class hingal talaga. The "veteran" said something that made me glad to enroll again in class even with that "lost" passion:

"That's 90 minutes of your time. That's for you. It's not about looking good or losing weight, but knowing you've set 90 minutes of a day for yourself. When you think of yoga that way, things will be easier. You'll perform better, eventually."

...Shempre eavesdropping na nga ang peg ko, tumatango pa ako the whole time! ;D Hahaha! Can't help it, I realized why I fell in love with yoga in the first place: I wasn't aiming for the physical part, but on what's inside. I know I am all for "positivity", good vibes, and "ever upward" lately, but just thinking of these things (although the first step) will not be enough.

Now I'll be Bikram-ing my way to find back my center, my balance, and my self-worth again. Aja!


  1. Ohmaygash! 16k pala yan! Mega sagot pa ko sayo sa twitter na i-3months mo na! Hehehe oh well for sure naman masusulit mo yan! ;)

    And since I tried yoga this month,totoo palang lakas maka-relax nyan! Pero dahil wala akong budget, I downloaded 6 yoga videos from youtube. Let's see kung magugustuhan ko talaga then I'll enroll to a class!

    Yaaaay to healthy living!

    1. Hahahaha mautak yung vids!!! :) Thank you Kaiye, ok din yung may little push ako for healthy living! ;)

  2. Pust mo yan gurl!!!!!! Cheers to a better quarter ahead of us! I miss our good vibes kwentuhan abou life & all. See you soon!!! :**

    1. Thank you gurl!!! Super miss narin kita! Supersale na uliiii see you!


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