Last Sunday...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The family (all 5 of us) tried to fit in Cea's small car, dahil mas malakas ang aircon. Haha. A photo on our way to the Festival Mall for the usual Crazy Gonzales Sunday "malling", merienda, mass, "malling", merienda, worship, and then dindin.

Ate's covet orange Kate Spade (?) bagettes. :p

Brought my "props" with me, makapag-outfitey sana with Cea (kaso katamad!). 
Also brought this artificial long-stemmed daisy I bought last Saturday while checking out flowers for my Anagon headband collection. Wala lang. Cute lang.

Cea trying on my Les Moda geek glasses. Ate being a geek.

My turn with the Les Moda. :) Sundays are meant for no-makeup looks. Hashtag-defensive. Hehe.
(This pair of pink glasses embellished with flowers and pearls is part of Les Moda's back-to-school collection!)

Choosing between the two Impulse Co. oversized bags! I will be giving away these bags soon! 
Anong bet mo? :) For now, check out their other bags here, maraming naka-sale!

Less than 30 minutes later... Hello Festival Mall!

Mall sweet mall! Usually from here hindi ko na alam san pumupunta sila mom, dad, and ate. Cea and I always go together, and choose our merienda place. Last Sunday we had California Berry:

Btw, I chose the claz green Impulse Co. bag! :)

Type ni Cea yung plain froyo lang:

While I had this blueberry concoction from one of their pre-listed froyo toppings mix:

Cea (the masahe-fan) was sobrang amused that we have the Big Apple Express Spa na in Festival Mall! Might try this next Sunday:

After mass, we headed to the "Chefs Avenue" area of Festi, na bungad lang ng Slimmers World (hehehe)

We always visit Tous Les Jours because we love the wood-y busy place, the smell of fresh breads, and the sight of beautiful cakes and macarons.

First time to try dining in Tous les Jours for coffee, love the wooden serving plate! < 3

Not much into breads, but not if filled sha with cream cheese! :p 

Cea and I took Ate to the current Festival Mall activity center exhibit...

Thailand Festival 2013!

All sorts of Thai products, from edible to dry...

Ate and I went there for these! Our favorite seaweed snack. :p

Went back to the Light of Jesus center for The Feast session (worship / talk). It's also Feast Alabang's anniversary! Cheers!

Bongga dad's new shoes (naks!).. Thank you Dr. Kong! "Parang Blogger!" sabi ni daddykins! Haha!

A message from the Preacher in Blue Jeans, Light of Jesus' main man Bo Sanchez! :)

Dindin with Cea (again!) at TOSH. We had mozzarella sticks:

Cea's white sauce pasta:

My red sauce pasta with tofu-cheese balls (yum!)
Yun lang! That's my typical Sunday. :)



  1. Yayyy!!! I'm really glad you liked the bags!! Napansin ko kasi ganyan yun mga bags mo pag nagkikita tayo tapos dyan nakalagay yun mga clothes/ shoes mo pampalit. Hehe! Miss you Ana! I got event invites for next week.. Hopefully magkita tayo! <3

  2. @Honey hahahaha! ;D Buong bahay talaga dala ko palagi! ;D Thank you so much a! :)

  3. Mas maganda Dr.Kong ng dad mo kesa sa akin. Gusto ko din yung directory! Magaya nga...

  4. Haha matchy-matchy Dr. Kong shoes na daddykins natin!! Haha cute cute!! :D Saya ng family bondings forever ♥

  5. love this family post! bet ko yung teal shade ng impulse co and yung kate spade na rin ni ate!! covet na covet!


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