Second Day Happenings

Monday, July 15, 2013

So yesterday afternoon at the bazaar, Christine and I decided to walk around the area (separately), for me para mag-exercise nadin from the excessive-pagkakaupo dulot ng pagiging tindera. When I got back to our stall, my very helpful yayey Jenny nervously showed to me my broken hand mirror--na nabasag daw ng isang girl while passing by Christine's sunnies table. "Hindi man lang po nag sorry!" I was just disappointed kasi I decorated that hand mirror so di lang sha basta salamin, but I just let it go and told Jenny to be more cautious for the rest of the day, adding: "Alam mo namang malas mabasagan ng salamin diba?"

Pag balik ni Christine, she started to look for her phone. Chinacharge niya pala sa back of our booth, and she can't find it na! To make a long story short, na-salisi si Ate Jenny while trying to clean the bubog of the mirror na feel namin na sinadya siguro basagin pala yun! It was a tough day, and no one's to blame--lesson nalang sha to be more cautious and careful lalo na pag asa public places.

Outfitey for day 2 of SuperSale Bazaar: pa-simple girl lang for a whole day of tambay bazaar work. 

Sweater - Penshoppe
Boyfriend Jeans - Cheap Monday
Black layered bracelet, Watch, and Round Shades - Anagon Bazaar Collection
Skull Bracelet - The Ramp
Gold Ankle Strap Heels - Primadonna Shoes
Gold Lion Necklace - Gold Couture
Thank you Christine Liwag for taking my photos!

While talking to Tin and our bazaar neighbor (na friend ni Tin) about the incident, we got sobrang praning that we started to plan installing those mall boutique metal devices sa entrance ng booth namin, and plaster CCTV and German Shepherd signs all-over our booth! ;D Tawang-tawa lang ako kasi kaliit na temporary tindahan, may CCTV at metal detectors pa! ;D 
After the tension, Christine and I just closed the 2nd day of our bazaar with random jokes, especially on the survey forms Christine made us answer that night. Laughter is indeed therapeutic! 

On same night, I also went out to meet my high school barkada in Fort Strip's Urbn for Alli's birthday!

 I stayed up just a bit later than my usual commuting "curfew" (self-imposed Cinderella time na 12 dapat nakauwi nako!). I super missed my girls, tapos pinatugtog pa ng DJ the old high school dance hits namin like Too Close! Hahaha, classic kung classic!

Binulong ko talaga sa kabarkada kong next to me that time, "Uy! Generation natin yan! Alam ba ng DJ na andito tayo!??" Hehehe. Had to leave early for Sunday bazaar work though, and learned today that it was a fun epic night and a lot of them got drunk. Oh bummer. :p 


  1. Super LIKE yung first picture. Pumayat ka talaga. :)anong secret mo? share naman..ü
    kaka-sad ang nangyari during the event, but, it happened for a reason, dba? anyways, congrats! God bless.ü

  2. SOBRANG NA-PULL OFF MO TONG LOOK NA TO BIG SIS!!! FAVORITE!! Klazzz!!! ♥ Haha! And grabe talaga yung nangyari kay bebe Christine :( What's wrong with the world!!! Mala-life and death situation na kaya yung nagnakaw kaya nagawa niya yon? :( Anywayyy buti calm kayo! Tawang tawa ako sa CCTV at dun sa beware of dogs na signage sa booth =))) That's why I love you girls!! ♥

  3. Love this look on you!! Nag-evolve na talaga ang style mo.. ;) Miss you!!


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