Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunglasses - Anagon Collection (Bazaar)
Black Mullet Top - SM Ladies
PVC Leggings - Terranova
"Wanda" Wedges - Comfit
Gold Watch - Swatch
Brass Rings - Anagon

I am currently stuck in chaos a.k.a. my kagulong room, trying to figure out how to dispose half-a-year worth of thingamajigs (assuming na last akong nag "general cleaning" ng room was for new year prep, hehe). These "things" include press kits, folders, boxes, paper bags, along with their contents (usually pens, beauty products, notebooks). There are the craft materials I've ipon-ed (haha) after attending around 10 classes na since the year started (rubber stamp, water color, resin jewelry, etcetera). There are Anagon stuff(s) (hehe) like wire tools, packaging, tags, chains, and beads--all in a rumble jumble mess! Sabi ko nga kay mom, wala pa to sa kalahati--ni sa 1/16 wala pakong natatapos! (kill me now!!! Hahaha, chos).

I started with my personal belongings like my makeup box, jewelry box, and bags area--disposing the necklace or bracelet that I haven't worn for months, or that lipstick or BB Cream that doesn't look good on me anyway. From 10 watches, I am down to 4--because, I think lahat naman can-relate to this--we play favorites naman when it comes to our accessories and watches and even bags(!). Enough na ang few pieces, and yung iba nagiging dust-catchers nalang. May mga exempted pieces na kahit hindi ko na nagagamit for years, ang lakas ng sentimental value, so stay sila. For keeps ba, haha. But generally, at the end of the day, I can still live with few "favorite" things!! And then ang masaya sila mommy and my all-girls high school barkada, hahaha. Free Stuff Party! Hehe.

Met-up with my old friends Alli and (Doc) Marj last Monday in Marj's Makati condo, so I can finally get my new phone (wooot!). I missed hanging out with these girls, and sabi nga ni Marj ang mga kwentos / experiences namin "baul levels" na sa tagal! Grabe kilalang kilala ako ng mga to, when I started distributing some "excess things" to them, Marj told me na wow before ang binibigay ko lang sa kanila mga gawa kong decorated jars or accessories (hahaha! awww...).

We went out na around 7pm for dinner. It was sobrang ga-bagyo that day, mga 30 minutes ang inabot before we reached Glorietta, to think asa Makati Med area lang kami nang galing! Anyway, dahil rainy, I brought my ever-reliable Chucks. No to wet feet, hehe!

TGI Friday's happy fiesta mode with Alli, Berns, and Marj to end the night! :)

I'll re-quote some lines above, but this time I'll be pertaining to my friends:
"....Enough na ang few friends, and yung iba nagiging "just people around me" nalang. May mga exempted friends, though, na kahit hindi ko na nakikita for years, ang lakas ng sentimental value, so stay sila. For keeps ba, haha. But generally, at the end of the day, I can still live with few "favorite" friends!! :)"

Siguro yun sila Marj, and sila Alli, and my other long-time friends. For keeps, ba! ;)


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