Stylish Rain Boots, and some Kwentos

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hi guys! 

Matindi parin ang ulan dito sa dakong Muntinlupa. Though if may kaggrateful-an parin ako right now, yun ay dahil sa sobrang layo at taas ng area namin (kahit ang hirap umuwi after events, hehe)--hindi inaabot ang house ng baha. Ang pinaka grabe na siguro na pwede mangyari is maubusan ng supplies if hindi pa tumigil tong ulan, which happened yesterday! Sila ate and mom just went out to brave this storm, meaning, dadaan sila sa riverside of Munti just to buy our dinner and mag stock narin siguro ng more food for the next days. Afraid!

Anyway, sana naman okay rin kayo jan! Some kwentos lang from few days ago habang nakatambay lang muna tayo sa house for now. I had this inner-conflict (in Tagalog, dyahe) to post things not related sa bagyo and may be deemed insensitive. May joke / imbentong hashtag na nga kami ng sisters ko for this: #instainsensitive hahaha. Anyway, but I guess in moderation, ayus lang(?). Wag lang siguro mang flood ng FB/Twitter para maview parin the important Maring updates.

So I went out last Saturday for my dentist appointment in Makati. After my 15-minute retainers adjustment (ang bilis lang noh!), I usually just walk from the clinic going back to Greenbelt. Wala din akong cash that time (haha) to hail a cab (walang ATM na near) so I still walked kahit lumakas nalang bigla ang ulan.

Nagsisimula palang ang delubyo. Nakuha pang umartsy shot:

I love walking through Ayala's artsy walkways! Sana sa lahat ganto!

That time I was wearing my Parisian open flats, and kahit anong ingat ko, butas-butas talaga sha so, wala, wet feet. Hatest ko pa naman yung ganun! Trying hard ako to be cool with the situation, kanwari enjoy strolling under my yellow umbrella--pero hindi drizzle e, bagyo! Konti nalang anxiety attack na!

That's why yesterday, I started to search online for rain boots that will "make a splash", in terms of style. Naka-compile ako ng 11! (sorry bored). So here's my mini- Rainy Day Guide!

Make A Splash with these Rain-Ready Footwear!

1) Plueys

For years, pag usapang cute rain boots, Plueys ang top of mind ko. I started searching for the brand again, and saw that they're already on Facebook na, but still carrying the same designs. These are cute prints naman, so di na ako magrereklamo pa, haha.

The witty "Cats' Tooth":

"Oooh La Lace"

"Lotsa Dots"

2) Platform Chucks
If rain boots are not your thing, wear your trusty sneakers--with added platform! Puddle-ready na talaga!

This style is not so Spice Girls-y a, check out how Sarah wore her Platform Converse. Nakakatempt to own a pair!

3) Butterfly Twists' Berkley
We know about those foldable flats na baon natin pamalit sa heels by end of the day (hehe), but here's something diff and new from Butterfly Twists: foldable boots! Stylish, comfortable, functional.

4) Kate Spade
From my online window shopping, I saw these cute pairs from my favorite chic brand Kate Spade! Rain boots with bows and dots!!! Akkk, the pa-gurl in me! < 3

5) Naleigh's Sneaker Wedges
I discovered this local brand while strolling the aisles of the last SuperSale Bazaar. I love their vintage-sporty sneaker wedges, and even the classic black! Perfect din pan-lusong ng baha, if you dare to soak these cute-sy! (di ata kaya ng heart ko, though, hehe) 

6) Kickers Knox
Another hard-core boots that can take this weather, and still keep your feet cozy.

Wearing my Knox Kickers:

My style crush Cheyser can't choose between the black or brown Kickers:

7) Free Fish Flats
Another alternative to boots - waterproof flats in cute designs! Favorite ko this nude loafers-ish Free Fish!

8) Native Boots
We usually see sa Native are the shoes made of rubber with holes--but here's something from their FB page-Laced up boots version in my color-crush powder blue! :D

9) SM Parisian's Boots
Bilang SM Parisian fanney, I checked out their own selection of boots for affordable finds! I saw this cute houndstooth pair from their Music Festival Collection, but ang bet ko talaga is the plain black na studded sa back (can't find photo though)! Sana lang hindi pa sha sold out. :p

Parang imposible na walang boots this new flats haven in Shang, so I Googled and discovered the Le Bunny Bleu blog! They do have these nasty military marina boots and orange sandarine rain boots in their boutiques abroad! Sana they bring some here din! ;)

11) Crocs
Still the top-of-mind for plastic shoes, Crocs have stylish "parang studded" flats and colored boots to keep your feet dry and still look fashown. Ang head-turner nung pink!

Anyway, tuloy ang kwento..... So when I reached Greenbelt, parang ang kalma ko padin, kaya proud ako sa sarili ko! The parentals were texting me to go home kaagad dahil nagbabanta na ang bagyo that time, but sabi ko strolling muna ako. Aside from ka-guilt trip na shopping, I also decided to drop by the I Love Kusama exhibit at the Ayala Museum.

In fairness, there were people din when I got there, mostly mga foreigners. I asked the receptionist for their rates, and P150 pala if local ka and if ground floor only ang gusto kong makita. I availed that one, which is sobrang sulit! The experience is inspiring, and for someone na asa creatives, I need this kind of exposure to different kinds of art from time to time. Will go back pag may ibang exhibit ulit!

I also had late lunch in French Baker-the one na in between Landmark and Glorietta. I had their vegetarian lasagna to compare my JD House of Lasagna experience, hehehe. Both good! :)

Overload! :p Hahaha! Okay, stay safe guys! Pag possible na, let's go out and help in anyway we can.
For now, will work na on my panindas for Bazaar for all Season next week, para naman productive, haha, adik. See you! 


  1. how about Doc Martens boots? Dami din nice designs :)

  2. Isa pa pala yun! :D Akk, kelangan lang umipon! Anong bet mong design!? :)

    1. ito - kaya ipon2x dahil butas bulsa natin :)

    2. OMCEEEE wrong move ang pag open ko ng link na yan!!!! LUSTINNNNGGGG! :p

  3. Tonic has cute gum boots! :)


  4. I saw some cute foldable rain boots on facebook which cost 589/pair. They can fit your small bag so whenever you need them, you can just bring them out...

    1. Thanks for the reco! :D Checking the link!!! :)

  5. I've been eyeing those Plueys since last year pero too expensive. Nice nung sa Le Bunny Bleu. Settled for cheap printed ones for the meantime :)) Nice din yung ^foldable! Lalo na pag erratic ang weather natin.

    ☮ Gab

    1. Nice right! :) Macheck nga this purchase mo :))

  6. Ako rin ayaw ko nababasa feet ko. Arte lang hahaha pero nags-snap talaga ako when that happens >.< Haha! Bet yung suggestions mo ng shoeseys big sis! Boots season!!! ♥ See you very soon please *wink wink*

    1. Cant wait for our plans!!! ;) Hehehehe! :D Launch natin sa BFAS! :D

  7. Ang pinaka grabe na siguro na pwede mangyari is maubusan ng supplies if hindi pa tumigil tong umbrella


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