Monday, September 02, 2013

Woohoo! Another Bazaar for all Season weekend ang nagtapos! Thankful for this 2-day bazaarista stint because of the kwela kids I was with! Anyway, every bazaar nalang, I always get (moremoremore) inspired and motivated sa aking business -- whether ayusin man yung aking hindi na nagbagong bazaar stall look (haha), to meeting fellow passionate entrepreneurs, meeting creative people, meeting super loving and supportive readers, and marketing / developing Anagon products more!

Gold Wire Crown - Anagon | Necklaces - Viva La Manika | Floral Dress - Zara (worn as top here)
Denim Polo - Forever 21 | Shoes - Comfit | Photos by Arnie Villanueva

 The "highlight" Anagon product for this bazaar is (unbelievably not the Cat's Ears na, hehehe)... But my Anagon Wire Crown!

Hindi ko alam kung paano ipupull-off ang something so simple yet eccentric like an Anagon Wire Crown. Jughead Jones mode? Queen / King? Punk / Grunge appeal? Hipster? I've seen diff people trying it out, and every person, of different styles, showcased this head-turner with their head held high! ;)

King Keane: Keane Cipriano of Callalily sporting an Anagon Wire Crown earlier, before ASAP. Thanks Kells for the photo!!! :)

Anagon Girls: Day 2 with Christine, Jacqui, and Arnie:

Demure Arnie! Meanwhile, here's something that I need to market more: my red roses headband. < 3

The Queen Christine, with the many outfit changes for the day! ;) Hehehe!

My #BFASxANAGON winner RICA! :) Such a sweetheart < 3

Malapit na uli Bloggers United giiirl! Hahaha! My partner-forever, style queen Aisa Ipac! ;)

We LOVE visitors! :) With Pax and (owner of cool tees empire Nick Automatic) Niche! :)

My royal hippies: Arnie and blooming bride-to-be Rovie:

My forever paandar business partner Christine wearing an Anagon Collection cap with an Anagon Red Roses headband! :D

Friendly Neighborhood: I LOOOVE Rhea Bue and Bella Morcen's Peter Pan-ish dreamy pink stall! :D And I made sure na generous ako with my praises for these super creative people! 

Princess Rhea: Sure to conquer the blogging kingdom with her cool style!


  1. Love love the red roses head piece!!:) Masport nga sa isang outfit post one day! hehe :D

    cheers to more inspirations, beb! More success and love for ANAGON!

    1. Thank you so much beb!!! :) For always supporting Anagon! :)

  2. Ana, maganda yung idea ni Christine na ROSE CAP!!!! Please do it. I'm gonna order. SERIOUSLY!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Salamat!!! :) Sige magandang bagong collection yan! :)

  3. you look stunning ate ana!! :) ang cute din ng wire crown ^^)
    and I love your dress so much! how I wish na I have time to attend bazaars so I could meet you and buy na rin from your shop!! hihi


  4. Girl na-amaze ako sa crown and my white dress! haha super perfect for a bride to be! noiiice to see you! natuwa ako sa mga chikas natin :D


    1. I super love your energy Rovie, hanggang huli! ;p Hahaha! :D See you again soon! :)Thank you!

  5. Sama ka Manila Sundance! <3 Salamat sa aming photos! <3

  6. Wouldn't be fun fun fun kung wala kayo nila bebe Tin!! :) Love you both!! Hahaha nase-sepanx din ako :-S And naku di lang wire paandars napulloff mo! Pati pink lipchook! BETTTT

  7. Super pretty ng flower crowns! :):) i'll buy that soon! see u sa sundance girls! :)


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