Airplane Kwentos 2

Friday, January 31, 2014

I haven't really fully rested, as in stay and hibernate at least 24 hours in the house, ever since I got home. The trip was on-the-go during the first part, but after the holidays, my stay in Maryland had been so lie-low I missed the everyday-hustle na nakasanayan ko. Can't keep still ba. Yun pala pagkauwi na pagkauwi ko, bawal na pahinga! ;D

A continuation of my airplane kwentos... 

During our flight to Narita, we were served with a second meal--Mom's "merienda":


I think tiny corn sha, di ko masyado gets. Baby food-ish but nothing a pack of salt can't fix. Lol:

We also took advantage of the airplane bar, and the others even stayed at tumambay na sa pantry area for snacks if di pa kami contented sa meals (or uneasy lang talaga):

And then finally, hello Narita! It's my only "taste" of Japan, for now. Masaya nako nyan kahit airport stopover lang muna. One of my dream destinations this year!

Our airline, Ana, na lakas maka ownership, lol.

Japan's airport is incomparable! Ang linis and ang sarap to go around, eat, and even shop sa duty-free stores! 


The sobrang famous assorted Kit-Kat im all flavors na you can only imagine (cheesecake or wasabi, anyone?)

Even ang snacks nila sumisigaw ng kawaii:

Mochi goodness:

If you're into Japanese anime, you'll LOVE Toy Box:

Namiss ko pinsan kong si Nico, na adik sa Beyblade:

All things CUTE:

This bookstore is pure Jap magazine heaven!

I died. Vivi and Nylon!

Harajuku store--medyo high-end Japanese brands:

Another store that sells really cheap Royce chocolates:

Back in the plane, boarded for Manila na talaga. Medyo mas maliit na ang plane and mostly Pinoys na ang mga nakasay. Tagalog, music to my ears. :)

Manels x The Fashionista Commuter passport holder + NAVI Planner for the travellers. Travel essentials!:)

I had one final Ana meal, dinner before I slept na for hours. Narealize ko na tinatamaan ako ng antok ng around 7pm--yun tipong sobrang antok na may headache. Didn't realize na Manila na kami when I woke up.

Ang cliche ng Jollibee ang first meal, haha! I miss the States, but no place like home parin talaga.:)

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  1. Haha! Natawa ako sa Jollibee na cliche first meal when back in the Philippines. I do that all the time!

  2. Yung husband ko ganyan sa t'wing uuwi ng Pilipinas! Kailangan unang meal niya ang Palabok!

  3. OMG!! Ang cute nung mga japanese toys!! huhu! Kung andun ako for sure I bought some keychains!!


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