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Friday, January 24, 2014

46 days and 10 pounds later (lol)... I'm finally saying good bye na to America. But before that!

Some kwentos from the past days...

Last week, on a nice cloudy day, my tito left me and mom in the mall so we can enjoy. We ate so much that day--Chinese food for lunch, Italian for merienda.

...And then shopped!!!

Bentang catchy poster in one of the jewelry shops in the mall:

After that day, I created my long-overdue Instagram shop nadin that night! I uploaded several US-bought products, and everyday since, my task is to reply to inquiries and order forms. Namiss ko to (online selling) so thank you for the great kagulo feedback!

Some of my new things (for self and for the shop)

From Aeropostale:

Cute tops I got on-sale in Macy's:

Victoria's Secret cosmetics, purse, and perfume:

Cute lined socks I bought in Spencer's:

Toy soldiers, for Camo Nation with @listentoarnie (hehe)

At night, we always tune in to their recorded TFC shows--starting from Honesto (hehe), and ang favorite ko guys ang Got to Believe!;p May karamay ba ako dito?! Hahaha!

Here's a TFC commercial featuring Ellen Adarna's Health Tips. They should show this din sa Pinas at ang laki ng fanbase nya satin!

Breakfast consists of bagels or toasted potato bread with different palaman like pb&j:

Another all-out shopping day! Eto ata yung day na naubos ko na halos ang baon kong money!;p

Day before my birthday, aka my birthday ng Phil time, we went out for mass since Sunday nadin naman. It was also our last mass here, and nasenti nanaman kami.:p

I thanked the Lord that day for this blessing of experience. The past weeks had been great to me and my whole family, and something na babalikbalikan at aalalahanin ko from time to time.:)

After mass, we went home muna for snacks, and watched the ending part lang of Titanic (haha) na sobrang epic padin! Niko felt bad for the mom who had to put her kids to sleep so they won't feel the waters and the boat sinking. :/

After that, we left for another mall again!

I was left with the kids (babysitter ang peg!), na ayaw ng shopping! Nag insist sila ng merienda--and since mejo nagtitipid nadin naman nako mag shop that time (naubos na money ko sa paninda, haha :p) gow ako sa Sushi Bar sa food court:

Cute ni Niko na inagawan pa ang ate nya, hehe! Ang saya saya nya nyan!

Nung dinner time na, we all met up for my birthday salubong treat ng Tito ko for me: buffet! :)

Ang saya ng buffet sa kanila! Rows and rows of food selections, and super mura pa nya for USD10 (Php440) per head. Para na shang Yakimix, Dad's, o Sambo Kojin!

Mongolian section:

Sushi again? ;D Sabi ng kids, secret nalang naming kids (kids!) sa parentals na we had Sushi Bar merienda, kundi baka di na ituloy ang buffet! Haha!

All sorts of rice:

Crabs, meats, gulays, fruits, etc.

Since birthday ko, sa cake ang photo! Haha:

Thanks mom for letting me overstay here, and for accompanying me. :)

With my cousin! Mamimiss ko tong kagulong to!:p

Thank you to this Gonzales family for this treat and for EVERYTHING!:)

Usual eksena sa room at night, "gadget time", pag tinamad mag movie, hehe:

Nung birthday ko na, it started to snow! Happy 28th to me!;)

...humabol pa, extended winter, before ng alis namin! Minsan lang daw manyari to-- ang galing!:)

Although this means walang lalabas coz crazy ang roads--madulas, foggy, and super windy. But ok lang! My Tita cooked champorado for the whole household!

The pinoy-na-pinoy household in Maryland!:)

Cute na cute ako sa tables na nagform na ang snow! Parang mga kama, haha! Ang cute ng shape, parang sinadya! :p

Then we had a fun fun homemade sushi party! Excited na si Niko nyan, talon ng talon! Pero panay ang picture ko pa--Haha!

Movie time treats! Naubos ko na ang chocolates ko sa mga batang to!:) < 3

Korean drama night!

Thick snow the next day!

We also went out para sa aming last shopping day/ pahabol! Look at these cars sa parking-- yelo kung yelo!

Today, our last full day, woke up and saw my room here differently (enter most-sentimental music, hehe)

Unlike the other days, today there were no "Walks". We had no playtime in the snow, IG-ing polar vortex pics, and no shopping. All we did the whole day was pack our maletas and made sure nothing goes beyond weight limit.

Then my tito surprised us with another Japanese food fiesta! Si Niko nangunguna nanaman sa tikim!;D

Then I ended the night in the Man Cave with these kids, and watched the funniest movie ever (The Dictator) for our one last movie time, before our pa-casual good byes. (But of course! Deep inside, iyak na iyak na ang Ate nila!!! :'O)

...declaring that I'll miss these kids the most! It's 12:18am here, just a few more hours till we leave for the airport....

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  1. Nakakatuwa naman yung experience mo na 1 month in another country. Overwhelming siguro ang feeling ng ganyan. Partida, polar vertex season pa! Ewan ko if swerte ba yun or not. Hahaha. Kung puwede lang ba uwi ang snow, pinauwi ko na rin sayo. Hehe. Belated happy birthday Ana! :)

  2. This post deserves the pinakamahabang aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww that I can type!!! :'O At least you're bringing great memories with you pag-uwi ng Pinas! Have a safe flight back home big sizzam! Can't wait to see you and our toy soldiers hahahaha #CamoNation2014


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