Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My 10-year-old "Up"-lookalike cousin and bestfriend in the States Nico called me "Cactus". One time, he just started to sniff through my clothes and told me I smelled like...

Me: "Chicken?"
Nico: "No... Like cactus!"

I think it's because of being a tropical girl. He was also my "monito" for our family Christmas party, and so I gave him my Nick Automatic t-shirt with a cute big N (for Nico!) smacked in the middle and printed in purple ink. He overused it to school and even at home saying "it's a cool shirt! Thanks!" Then one movie time, he randomly smelled it, and said, "Oh no, it's gone!"

Me: "What is it?"
Nico: "The smell!"

Dress - Echuserang Ukayera | Cover-Up - Forever 21 | Shoes - Gold Dot | Make-up - Kat Cascon | Photos - Christine

Dati I always have cactus in my room, my choice of plant. I'd like to think that the whole cactus thing is a way of saying I am more of the unusual type. Someone who can endure an uncomfortable or uncommon place or situation where usual plants cannot take. Other than that, low maintenance lang ata talaga ako, haha. ;p

This last-minute outfit was worn during the wedding of my fellow bazaarista Geewel (of my favorite Gold Couture!) in the grand Manila Polo Club. More photos of this beautiful "Gatsby-themed" night. Super pretty mo pa lalo, Geewel!

Btw, I have a new monthly blog-paandar!;p Click on the Giveaways button just below my header, or in my sidebar for the mechanics!;) 


  1. So this is the Gatsby theme you and Christine were talking about in twitter. Winner Teh, na achieve mo naman ang tema. love the dress!

  2. Anaaaaa! I super super SUPER love this look on you! :) Such a pretty dress!

    Random thought- I should smell a cactus. Hehe!

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  3. You loook super super pretty here!! Honesto. Promise!!!

  4. I love the GIF!!! I've seen like that one too in Tricia Gosingtian ♥


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