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Monday, February 03, 2014

My first ootd photos since I got back were taken by my new MadTV SP (Segment Producer) Rob Leocario. I learned that there are LOTS of changes for our season 2... So abangan nyo yan by end of the month. As much as clingy parin ako sa title na "DIY Queen" (hehe), I have to move on na to my new role-- events segment nako! In short, Ganaps Queen! Hahaha. I enjoyed naman the past tapings namin, every event ko I will be with Rob na, so aside from blog kwentos, may video/interview/talkies nako kada event. Exciting, challenging, different--just the way I want et!;)

Necklaces - Stockton Row | Native Union Monocle - | Blazer - Bayo | Shirt - Giordano | Bag - Landmark | Leather Jeggings - Uniqlo |  Sandals - Gold Dot | Photos by Rob Leocario

Anyhooo... First event of the year, nilabas ko kaagad these new favorite things na were sent to me over the holidays. Matagal / long overdue ang pagpost, so binibida ko na sila isa-isa!

Stockton Row

I have a thing for accessories with vintage vibe, and something that you won't get tired wearing. Layered these whimsical Stockton Row necklaces to add a little something, an edge, sa simple (and lazy ;p) blazer-tee-pants look ko. I also love the unusual look of my new Gold Dot sandals. Instant dagdag ng dating noh?
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Native Union Monocle

This cute gadget called the MONOCLE is a speakerphone, a handset to answer your calls and listen to music, and a speaker that you can daisy-chain with up to 10 MONOCLES to create best-shared listening experience. Ang cute pa nya and ang lakas maka pa-different (haha). I read somewhere na pa-hipster ng dating nya!;p Aside from its functions, I like yung vintage blue color nya and rope-like cord. I'll sling this sa bag ko or even belt loop for instant speaker and accessory! 

Watch this cool demo of the Monocle via Run Around Tech's vid:

Native Union Monocle is available at Php 2,250 in Digital Walker, Beyond the Box and Digital Hub.
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Currently in a locker room now, wasting time. Just waiting for the 6pm class here in Bikram Yoga Alabang to end, at sasalang nako! Ninenerbyos ako at ilang months nadin akong napahinga... In short! As good as a first timer nanaman ako nito. ;p Wish me luck!

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