Carefree's Say No To #PantyWhining Campaign

Thursday, April 24, 2014

For us girls, natural na na we always find time to refresh...but sometimes freshening up is not enough to make us feel totally fresh (daming fresh!). Most of us girls may have only gotten used to keeping ourselves fresh from the waist up, while just tolerating that icky, unfresh feeling that also happens "down there".

As a brand that understands the importance of everyday freshness, CAREFREE® has embarked on a mission to help make girls truly experience what total freshness feels like so they can make the most of everyday. Hence, last March, CAREFREE® launched the PantyWhiners series, three online videos aimed at making girls everywhere realize the importance of taking care of what's down there. Through the use of three pantywhining characters - Wetty Betty, Smelly Kelly, and Itchy Trixie, CAREFREE hopes to educate girls not just on the relevant issues of everyday wetness, odor, and itchiness, but also on solutions they can do so they don’t have to live with these hassles anymore.

One of the ways by which we can keep fresh down there is by using CAREFREE® liners everyday as part of our daily morning ritual. With CAREFREE®, girls can enjoy morning fresh panty feeling all day because it absorbs everyday wetness and odor, so we don’t have to worry about unfreshness issues down there.

To watch the vids and learn more about the campaign, visit Carefree Philippines on Facebook

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