Dove Summit Day1

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Last week, I felt so swerte to be invited to the first ever Dove Summit. Dove Philippines gathered my different idols from print publications, online magazines, and bloggers at the Sofitel Hotel to join the live conversation with thousands of Filipinas across the nation with their noble aim to INSPIRE MORE women in realizing their Real Beauty. It is also set to encourage us Pinays who are often dyahe when it comes to our looks, that regardless of age, size, and color--we can declare that we are beautiful!

Before the program started....We were welcomed in the beautiful Dove Lounge set-up at the Sofitel Harbor Tent (where we gathered for the activities for the rest of the summit) with refreshments, our check-in cards, and our schedule. Feeling teenager on a camp ako nyan:

After the welcoming remarks, off we go to our assigned quarters! Wala pa si Pax nun, so when I went inside our hotel room parang akong baliw na kinilig mag-isa sa ganda ng personalized room! :D

They provided us jars of this super SARAP lace cookies (na nangalahati kaagad sakin while waiting for Pax! ;p), and white Havaianas flipflops:

I-avail kaagad with the free hotel instant coffee, hehe:

Pang Instagram worthy! Hehe. My embroidered A pillow + cookies + slippers + personalized note! Sinong di kikiligin!

And that's just the start! Our first official task before going back to the Dove Lounge is to UNMASK. And so I washed off my kilay, eye shadow, and all my makeup using the many Dove products in our restroom! :D

This is my shamless no-makeup face. Hashtag no-filter! Haha! In this simple first activity palang, Dove made me realize how LIGHT it felt to have clear and product-free skin. 

Finally, hello to my crazy roomie Pax! Busy sa acting sa phone, hahaha! Anong ninonotes mo jan?;D

Went back to the event venue with Pax and Sarah--all 3 of us with no makeup! We usually go to events ng made-up so big difference to, and quite liberating!

Back in the lounge, everyone actually showed up without a trace of makeup to show their natural beauty. Ang positive ng crowd, and everyone's so supportive and happy--nagrurub na sa akin the Dove idealism of Real Beauty that is natural and skin-deep.

The Dove team then showed us 3 insightful videos on how women perceived themselves. Alam natin lahat yan how the brand released the most effective and emotional ads! Sadly (and quite alarming) that only 7% of Filipinas think they're beautiful. Honestly, feel ko I am a part of the 93% discontented women na hard sa sarili. I always see something negative when I look at the mirror...

....When in reality, like how this Dove viral video / commercial relayed to us: People actually do not see these pintas na we see sa sarili natin. They see our beauty more than ourselves.

I love that the Plump Pinays shared their insights on Real Beauty. I think their blog with an advocacy of Beauty in Diversity is really inspiring--na ginagamit nila their large online network to empower women regardless of size and shape. I want to use my blog into something positive and inspiring like this! 

My favorite Beauty Bloggers --sans makeup! And still beautiful! < 3 

During the break, saw my girlies na sumeselfie outside the venue, HAHA! Licensed to #GGSS, because they are! ;)

Snacks section while waiting for our turn---with a professional photographer! After removing our makeup, and getting our spirits lifted by the talks and sharing, we are now ready to have our portrait professionally taken! Ready na nga ba? Akk!

Kahit na parati naman kami nag OOTD, awkward parin ako when having my solo photos taken--tapos by a pro photographer pa! :) But I am so honored and thrilled to have photographer Pilar Tuason take my portraits! She's behind a lot of popular photos in magazines, brands like Penshoppe, weddings, etc. Ms. Pilar made me feel at ease with her compliments and directing!:)

After my shoot, I saw Sarah being interviewed outside for a TV show! Go Sarah!:)

We all went back to our rooms muna before heading to dinner. While changing into my white dinner dress, I saw these complimentary Vietura GCs!!! Thank you and excited na kami to try them!:)

Back in the tent....
In love with our beautiful dinner long tables and dainty table setting:

They then projected all the guests' Real Beauty photos from earlier's photo shoot! That's me!!!!:) Thank you Ms. Pilar Tuason, nagustuhan ko talaga this picture!

My seatmates (of course!) in all-white:

Lexi Schulze and Apples Aberin on how Dove's Real Beauty campaign reached 66M impressions in just 2 hours. Di na ako magtataka because it's a battle that affects almost all women! 

Gina Lorenzana, Unilever's VP for Personal Care:

After that, dinner was served! We had a fancy feast:

Before the night ended, Dove surprised the guests with a vid of their loved ones declaring to all the people in the Dove Summit why each one of us are beautiful! Ang heartwarming ng messages, a lot cried ng tears of joy. < 3 

Back in the room, enjoyed hoursss of conversation and room service (french fries!) with Pax:

3am na and before actually sleeping... Cleaned up and moisturized with the bango Dove bar of soap and lotion (beauty comes easily when your skin is naturally healthy!;))

So happy na nakapag catch-up with this beautiful girl, my dear friend who has always been a busybusybee stylist! She always makes me feel that I am pretty din by complimenting my style (kahit weird) and my curves (on days that I feel fat!). She'll even pullout clothes for me when we have formal events. Real friend! Ang kulet lang ng conversations namin ni Pax that night, but off the record na yun, haha! Felt like a high school sleepover lang ang kwentuhan and tawanan. :)

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