Dad's 60th: "When I get older losing my hair..."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Palm Sunday was a day of love (sorry ang cheesy wala na akong maisip! Haha!) for the family. As planned, we booked a staycation at the homey Somerset Olympia Makati so we can have an excuse to have dinner in Conti's (where dad's surprise birthday was held). But before that, so the sisters went ahead and checked-in on time. When I got there, the room was invaded na... Thus #BloggerProblems ang ganap that I don't have a choice but take pictures of our upgraded room (thank you!) with "personal touch" na, haha!

Nice kitchen / counter area where--hindi lang ref and initan ng water ang provided--kundi SETS of kubyertos, plates, bowls, a neat sink, and a MICROWAVE! ;) Lovet.

Our desk and TV area:

The rents with Cea enjoying afternoon TV:

So, bilang personal space kid forever, I occupied this tiny but lovely couch-corner (with divider, hehe)

And then spent hours here in the pool area before we went to Palm Sunday mass and then before the "game plan"!

I went ahead sa party venue to fix the set-up and welcomed the early guests, while Cea and Ate picked up the Beatles cake and cupcakes (party souvenirs). Dad is the BIGGEST Beatles fan na I know--A big influence in my music-life. I love the band nadin because dad overplayed these guys ever since kid pa ako! "Black bird singing in the dead of niiiight..."

The hardest part in holding a surprise birthday is keeping the kids inside the function room, haha! Ate talking to the hyper pamangkins, involving them in the game plan to surprise Lolo Mon:

Sinisilip nila from the second floor if anjan na si dad, haha:

My favorite part was when dad entered the venue, clueless! Tatawa-tawa pako while taking this vid, but in actual, choking na ako nyan trying hard not to look like a crybaby hehehe:

Dad thanking all our relatives for being there! :)

After eating (sarap ng Conti's food!), Cea prepared this super nice vid with dad's throwback photos and Beatles songs sa background music.. And of course the highlight, messages from people in dad's life like our brothers/Feast builders sa church, and relatives abroad! Remember my Maryland family? :) I miss my teenager cousin and of course my UP lookalike cousin!

Talagang ma hawak kay mom while watching, dad? Haha!

As seen sa vid, my musical cousins sang Beatles songs for dad. Dad also went onstage--being his usual mic-hogging self, and also sang along. Si mom pinipilit din kumanta but ayan ngiti ngiti lang sa stage (alam ko na san ako nag mana hahaha)

With the birthday boy and the organizers, hehe!

Thanks to all our family and friends who celebrated with us! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE, indeed!

The next day....

The sisters went ahead, to their offices, since Monday nun. We had the buffet all to ourselves! Somerset's breakfast buffet is clean and yum!

Ended the staycation and dad's extended celebration by the pool. Ako lang naman nag swim nyan, while si dad and mom binantayan lang ako while reading the newspaper, parang bata baka malunod? Haha!

Btw, the title of this post is the first line of Paul Mccartney's (of The Beatles) When I'm 64. Dad said Paul Mccartney composed this song when he was a teenager palang (and peak pa ng band nila when he recorded it), and nung mag 64 na nga siya, coincidentally, his wife left him (ang sad!). Dad turned 60 palang, enjoying his (small) discounts with his new senior ID (first time he used it was in the grocery and got a whopping Php 35 off sa kanyang total--wow big diff! Joke). We guarantee him, though, that he will not go through a Paul Mccartney four years from now. ;)

Happy birthday to the most selfless and loving and funny guy that I know! :)

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  1. wow. Th hotel looks so nice. happy birthday to your dad!


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