CraftMNL Wire Jewelry 101 Batch 1

Monday, May 05, 2014

I am amused at how amusing my jobs are to some people I just met. Hindi padin talaga usual pag sinabi mong you blog for a living, or even may online shop ka, and now, to add to my kwentos, I enjoy mentioning that I am also a teacher.

Welcome to my campus:

Where vandals and beer are welcome! Haha!

It was Easter Sunday when I had my first teaching gig for CraftMNL. Before that, I had a private class with them already a week ago for a group of girls celebrating their friend's bridal shower. But this was my first time with a group na hindi magkakakilala at all. The class is called Wire Jewelry 101.

When I got there, I was not able to finish our Easter celebration at the MOA Arena with Brother Bo Sanchez na, then I realized ang aga ko masyado! Haha, wala palang traffic at Sunday! Since our classroom was still locked, I met 2 of my students while waiting outside the venue, and got to know them a bit!

Distribution of kits. When I was in high school, one classmate described in one of those typical classroom activities na you have to praise your classmates (haha) - "Si Ana, bigyan mo lang ng gunting, lata, at tape, may magagawa nang art." Now let's turn these into art:

My busy students! They came in one by one, onting intervals lang, and we had a little getting-to-know portion. I enjoyed that part, parang first time ko triny to be a little more open kahit hindi mashado related with the craft, para lang light and kwentuhan lang ang mode namin. I even had a Powerpoint of our projects that afternoon! We only had 1 rule in class: to be like kids again! Naks.

Check out what my students produced for the first hour of Wiring 101!

Jacq brought her own beads, thus the nice colorful ring!

Simple pieces are actually beautiful, sell-able, and wearable:

Intricate accents:

Love the extended accents:

Second project was wire wrapping, and a bonus lesson on leather + chains straps:

They made really cute outputs!

And for our last project, we had the freestyle wiring, where they shaped their wire into shapes, words, or anything they want talaga!

Ang galing that they are all fast learners, and fast workers! We finished exactly 3 hours for all 3 projects! They ALL deserved, like the good students in kindergarten...a star! ;)

I also gave away a The Spa GC to the best student, CraftMNL's Nikki helped me with this (coz mahirap mamili pala!). They're all magaling noh? :) Daphne, the one with the extended accents, won, btw!

Class picture! I love this batch--my students came from different backgrounds that's why I learned a lot from each of them. I remembered Daphne's (who works in a publication) purpose for crafting and joining crafts classes... There will be days that you just want to keep your mind blank...Which she feels that she can achieve when working with her hands. :)

The most fulfilling part is seeing post-class online raves and hangovers! We had more "Class Pictures" using my Instax, which I brought along with me para mas masaya. 

The best best best part was, before ending the class, I distributed my star rings to each of them to praise them nadin for a job well done, and then one my students (Mia) suddenly blurted out: "Oh you really are a teacher!

Grabe nag melt ang heart ko. :,D

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