Surprise for Dad No.2: Hillsong United Manila Concert!

Monday, June 16, 2014

After the material gifts and surprise for dad (read here), I felt spontaneous last Friday to give him an even more memorable Father's Day by purchasing Hillsong United tickets even at the last minute. The best part is, we were able to watch the concert as a family. :) Long lines and wasted time? Worth it!

Sharing our experience through this video. It's one of the most beautiful concerts I've been to, the lights glow, the crowd felt one. Vid taken with my iPhone5, and we were far from the stage, but audio is pretty decent. :) Enjoy and may God bless you and your families. :)


  1. You're really really blessed to be at the concert with the Gonzales gang!! Wish I could be in their concert too in the future!! Soooo happy for you! God bless you sis!

    1. Thanks sis! I am sure you'll be able to catch Hillsong din in the future :) See you again soon in Davao :)

  2. Wow the crowd! Wish they will visit Cebu too.


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