How I Met Your Mother

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dad told me that--when he first met my mom, she was wearing a pair of skinny red jeans. What attracted him to her, as we were told rather endlessly, was her height... Which mom later on revealed na "naka heels lang ako non", lol. :D Playing with mom's rules, I decided to wear my skinny jeans with these silver power heels for the Dorothy Perkins Mega Fashion Hall event last Saturday. And in true 70s to 80s fashion, made sure to snugly tuck my top. Something that I don't usually do! ;p Sa susunod ko na iaachieve ang red pants, haha!

Floral Top - SM Woman | Skinny Black Jeans - Uniqlo | Silver Heels - Gold Dot | Customized Bag - SuperSale Bazaar | Star Bracelet - Uno de 50 | Photos - @sarahtirona


  1. Wow! Nice ang advice ni Tita! Love your outfit Miss Ana and the bag, okay I can just drool as always. ha ha... :)


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