Taylor Swift MNL #RedTourCornetto

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I wasn't expecting that I'll be able to watch Taylor Swift's concert, but when Cornetto confirmed a day before the Manila tour date, the rest is history.

I went to the venue at around 4pm for my call-time, felt early for an 8pm concert but ang dami nang tao:

My favorite Red Tour MNL moments:

Seeing all the Swifties pre-concert, outside the MOA Arena, all cladded in either a) Red b) Keds and c) A "Cosplay" of one of Taylor Swift's Music Video look. I love the glittering signages din, but panalo na sa akin kung may best in costume yung naka long red gown (take note, with train! Sha ang may concert! Joke! :))

#RedTourCornetto online winners, congrats!

Smart Spinnr was also part of the Red Tour sponsors:

(Yummy) Taylor Swift Merchandise. The red TS jacket is to die for, but it costs almost Php 10k daw. :p

Around 6pm, I went to the veryexclusive Meet and Greet with Taylor Swift! Guards and Team Swift were all super strict, and security was very tight (nakakabilib din). They required just one photo and no signing to make everything swift (haha), meron nang automatic signed picture paglabas ng venue. Only those who have the envelope + name on their list were allowed to enter the M&G. Thank you so much @SelectaCornetto for giving this one to me! :,D

After waiting in the same room as Taylor (she's just inside a photo area with cloth partitions), I finally had my 3-minute-moment with the international pop star where I will never forget how she was the one who approached and hugged me first (awkward and unsure kasi ako upon entering the photo area for my turn). Unlike other M&G with superstars I've been seeing on Buzzfeed (hehe), "Tay Tay" is super friendly and warm to her fans.

Sabi niya "I like this denim cover, it looks good on you!" Akkk!
Nag good luck pa ako sa kanya after niyan, as if she'll need it haha! :D One for the books, indeed! Ang tagal bago nag sink in sa akin yan.

Opening act: Meg Bucsit, the first ever Cornetto Ride To Fame Idol:

It was also my first time to watch a concert alone, but it didn't feel sad at the VIP area being around hardcore Taylor Swift fans. I was beside the happy hyper winners of the Selecta Cornetto ticket contest, so everyone knew ALL the songs and the lyrics by heart! :)

Red Tour paandar: Fan Cam! 

Grand and exciting entrance:

When this one lit up, everyone went nuts!

INTENSE! I love when Taylor just stops and stares at the crowd. Ang emote ng tingin nya, I can feel her gratitude for the crowd in her concert that night! Parang gusto ko maiyak, hehe.

Her spiels aka talkies are also sincere and heartfelt, maraming parang heart-to-heart talk lang about her love life with a friend. It made her so relatable and charming. "I had some bad things happen to me in the name of love. I had some good things happen to me in the name of love. But all of them I remember all too well..Don't let the bad things thin you ...We have complete control over how we handle our circumstance." She has this great positive connection with her fans.

They also showed cute videos of Taylor Swift from being a toddler, to getting her first guitar, to joining theater and then having mini gigs, till where she is now. Favorite ko when she received her first music awards, and of course, her early concerts where they showed a clip of my favorite ever Our Song. < 3 

From senti to upbeat songs, transitioning from princess and then fierce, her performances and stage presence are all-out. Dito mo masasabi yung line na "So much feels!" Haha!

One of her backup dancers celebrated his 22nd birthday that night, which Taylor announced to the whole Arena of Swifties. Such a sweetheart. 

When Taylor Swift went to the 2nd stage, na literally just 10 steps away from me! Nasapak na ako ng  glow stick ng katabi ko sa tuwa! Hahaha! :D 

Here, she sang You Belong With Me, one of my favorite Swift songs. :)

Why I love concerts: When the artist brings ONE BIG PRODUCTION to make the experience different from just watching from Youtube. This was the beautiful set for Love Story:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: (also matched with beautiful costumes)

Animated and sparkling:

"Mahal kita Manila!" Leaving you with my favorite quotable quote from Taylor Swift that night:

"And if you don't feel like you fit in with the people you're trying to be friends with, or the crowd you're chasing, or the cool kids ...You should just do what I've done. You should just be you, until you find the people you fit in with, and hang out with them."

Very inspiring and empowering lines for a youth-dominated audience that night. :) Thank you Taylor Swift, Manila loves you!

Taylor Swift Red Tour MNL Set List
State of Grace
Holy Ground
Lucky One
You Belong With Me
Acoustic Song
Sparks Fly
I Knew You Were Trouble
All Too Well
Love Story
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

...And of course a BIIIIG thank you to Team Selecta Cornetto for this dream-come-true once-in-a-lifetime experience! 
I love you guys! Sobrang salamat po!
"...and when I got home, 'fore I said Amen. Asking God if He, could play it again." :) 


  1. Ive been waiting for this blog sis!! GAAD! If I was there, di ko alam mafefeel ko for sure!!!

    Amazing TSwift concert! Thanks for sharing the experience! God bless you more and more!

    1. Thanks for appreciating sis! God bless you as well, a million times over. :)

  2. You na talaga! So lucky but you deserve it for being one of the nicest people ever :)

  3. Yeeey!!! Super kinikilig ako sa blog post mo baabee!! Love it! :) We're so happy you enjoyed the concert! :D

    1. Yehey thanks for appreciating!!:) super nag enjoy ako!!! Thank you! :)

  4. Love this blog post... you're so lucky... :)


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