Paint Your Palette

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ever since the Instax DIY Day, I find myself exploring art more and more again (which is too obvious in my Instagram posts, sorry! :p). I stopped a looong time ago, I guess this was after discovering how profitable wires and beads were through accessories-making. Back in school, I've always been a part of Art Club. We painted HUGE backdrops for events, school-wide important mass, and high school dance (haha!) when there were no digital art and tarpaulins yet. In college I joined the theater not as an actress, but I was part of the BTS--working tirelessly on props, costumes, and set-design even on Saturdays and Sundays, until the guards tell us they're locking the school already (haha).

I missed it though, other than crafting, I really enjoyed the messy oil pastels and oil paint. I only have a water color palette at home now, which I acquired in one Crafternoon with Ms. Alessa last year. I never opened it till a few days ago, armed with a small Corona notebook, I am trying to rekindle with my old love.

Another "obvious" in my posts is the Van Gogh influence. I think it's something that I can't easily let go--the swirls to fill up the void. I am not the OC artist who can produce very technical blending of colors to create flora or a beautiful almost real face, and also I will never be satisfied with a clean work. Dapat madaming nangyayari, haha!

Not sure if this is a product of this current obsession, but my current "ootd" features another two favorite artists from pieces I bought in Uniqlo. The shirt is a Yayoi Kusama, while my bag is Andy Warhol's!

Hat - Japanese Home | Shirt, Cardigan, Jeggings, Bag - Uniqlo | Sneakers - Converse | Photos - @paultheprguy 

Sharing some of the things I made the past nights. The first work is a sunset cityscape:

Second night, brought out a box of old craypas, and naalala ko why I loved it before (blending, glides smoothly, and funny blackened fingers)

Mixed oil and water color. Akala ko it won't work 'cause oil + water don't blend, but, here:

Just a test of the dark-light water color trick (just add water!) to create unruly hair, and then used this not-the-best painting for a brand IG post, hehehe:

Bought the cheapest (small, 12 pieces) Faber Castell colored pencils that creates water color effect just by wetting the paper. Another medium I learned from high school when the brand hosted an art contest in our school! :)

Sayang na-mali ako ng 1 word sa quote na to on my 2nd attempt, haha. :p I liked this better pa naman.

On another news, I woke up today with my newsfeed flooded with Robin Williams posts. "Like losing an old friend". I felt affected that another person gave up. I started back-reading myself during my own sad, battle years. It made me (re)realize that the extreme loneliness condition is real, even to wealthy, successful people with a loving partner and family. I can only wish for hope to people who are feeling this now. Find your tool, your pen, your Faber Castell or water color, or Corona notebook, or even wires and beads, and translate those "feels" into art. And may you find even a teeny tiny spark of light to keep on fighting, even if it feels like an empty struggle. It gets better. 

You took your life, as lovers often do
But I could've told you Vincent
This would was never meant for 
One as beautiful as you
- Vincent, Don Mclean (Listen to this song here)


  1. Very well said ate ana :) hope to see you're art sa mga art gallery someday :) very inspiring! God bless!

    “To create one’s own world takes courage.”-Georgia O’Keeffe

  2. I can relate :) been crafting and playing with colors since God knows when :) . It always bring some colors on my gloomy days. Inspiring ♥

  3. Artsy naman talaga!:) Galing Beb!!:) Uy! Cross Stitch na next diyan ah?? ;)


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