Instax DIY Day

Friday, August 08, 2014

I've had talks and mini workshops, but the Instax DIY Day last August 2 is my biggest crowd yet. Team Instax Philippines had a pre-event online registration to accommodate only 200 guests (which ended up with an extension of plus 50!). I was sobrang nervous but at the same time sooobrang excited din to teach something that I really really like: Art Attack! :)

The Instax DIY Day was held in the north area, at the Centris Eton Elements Tent. To me it was a bazaar venue, so all the more I got nervous kasi alam ko how HUGE the place is. I got there before the event started despite of the downpour. 

I love that Centris was decorated to have that artsy-travel vibe--courtesy of MaydayMNL. Sayang I wasn't able to take a picture in the world map photo wall! Very Fashionista Commuter sana nya!

They opened the gates a little after 10, and a lot of Instax and DIY fans came in to fill up our "classroom".
Hello to the busy Instax girls Moira and Mikee!

Schedule for the day, with Kerwin King's cute doodled Instax. It was the first time that we met, at the "backstage" of the venue, but before the event date we were already messaging about our talks and how nervous we were, hehe.

Before the workshop, Ava arrived na (yehey!) and we decided to go around the different sponsors' booths. We even got free statio and stickers from Paper Blush. I love these things! < 3

All About Scrapbooking was my segment's sponsor! At their booth, they also gave away different art materials to all the guests:

Yehey! I remembered the time that I even joined an All About Scrapbooking art contest looong time ago! Haha. So happy to partner with them for this... For the love of traditional art! ;)

Teen celebs flocked the venue, King with Sofia Andres (or Abigail of She's Dating The Gangster) in All About Scrapbooking's booth:

FujiFilm's booth, where all these cute P1000-off Instax cameras were on-display (just for that day only!)

Kerwin started the workshop by sharing to us his doodled Instax prints. He did well for his first workshop, and the whole venue got pumped up to work on their artsy Instax prints. 

I tried, guys, hehehe.

Chismis lang! Hehe! Ang dami ding fans ni Kerwin sa workshop, btw, he is Daniel Padilla's kabarkada pala! Nakakatuwa 'cause Kerwin is still super nice and humble, he is like the brother I never had! Naks! Hehe! Follow him on IG @kerwinking (that is, if hindi mo pa siya finofollow!)

We had lunch break before my turn, and by the time I was onstage, ubos na ang kaba ko (joke). I just went with the flow...AJA! 

Started with how my Instax addiction started (with my Mini8), and the other things that you can do to maximize your Instax prints (instead of just having them in a box, kept in your cabinet to dust).

Had a little demo on my topic: Instax bookmarks embellished with the available All About Scrapbooking materials:

I also went around to check the work of my class. 

Favorite ko lokohin itong bloggers' table, hehehe. Si Tracy ang seryoso sa project niya o, hahaha.

Through Instagram, I was also able to monitor their masterpieces, which even include a handbag, house, and chandelier/mobile. From a bookmark class, everybody went out of the box and created whatever they wanted with the supplies that they have on-hand. Impressive, creative, and even very resourceful class!

Bookmarks I made for this class. Maaksaya talaga ako sa markers and washi tapes, haha!

They had a lot of other games in between, with prizes from the generous sponsors. Hello to Rejji and teen celeb Alexa Ilacad:

Then they finally introduced the face of the new Instax Share: Verniece Enciso! :) Congrats!!! She also taught us how to make gift cards using Instax prints.
We ended the workshop series with an awarding! I am envious of this loot from All About Scrapbooking, haha! Congrats to all the creative winners!

With Kerwin King and Verniece Enciso - "teachers" of the very first Instax DIY Day! Sana maulit. :)

Congrats also to the hardworking Fuji Film Philippines and Team Instax for this successful event. Thank you also for having me. < 3

Post-event photo ops with the bloggers, speakers, and guests! :)

Grabbed some of your IG photos, thank you again class for not giving your teacher a hard time, haha! Seriously, thank you for participating! :)

Favorite post I got after the event. My heart melted, thank you.

I think, if there is one rule or tip I can give when it comes to art (especially for people my age or just a little bit younger, hehe) it is that they have to be fearless. They have to impulsively just grab that scissors, marker, or stickers--and go cut, stain, color, & paste however and whatever they feel at that moment. I think the best artworks are the one that are not too well-planned-out, but rather, created out of impulse, guts, and real "feels". :)

Thank you again Team Instax PH---and till round 2! ;)
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NOTE: A BIG thank you to Arnie, Ava and most especially to All About Scrapbooking for most of the pictures I used in this post!


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