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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ever since my addiction to How I Met Your Mother, I've always been dreaming of my own barkada pub ala the fiction bar MacLaren's. A hangout place where me and my friends can overstay till dawn after a long day of work, bet on something, or pull off a "Have you met Ted?" with my own wingman (haha!). Of course, plus points if they serve good food, variety of drinks, matched with a chill and homey ambiance, AND the "price is right". I actually ticked these qualities in the new The Butcher Shop & Pub when I dined there last night along with some blog friends and my MadTV family. Parang gusto ko siyang gawing regular go-to place!

Paying homage to the fine London butcheries and UK pub scene, The Butcher Shop & Pub (or The BS Pub) is just like the neighborhood back-alley pub in your favorite foreign movie or sitcom. It is located not in the main area of Bonifacio High Street, but like a hole-in-the-wall pub, hidden just around the corner of 9th Avenue, Lane P. A semi-secret spot, but of course you'd like to share something this good! (their food presentation is very instagramable, sabay hashtag foodporn! Haha!)

Their goal is to give people the BEST dining and drinking experience in the middle of the bustling lights of the metro, a perfect place to unwind for those who work in Fort or BGC area.

Ok...So here are some of the food and drinks we tried last night:

Loaded Kamote Chips - love this!
Sweet potato, cheddar cheese, sour cream, scallions, ranch dressing

Eggplant Parmigiana - my personal favorite!
Panko breadcrumbs, pomodoro cheese blend

Dumaguete Sisig
Island inspired sisig of pork, green aioli

Sausage Fiesta
SOD Weiners, Bangers, Schublig, Mustard, served on a bed of Wicked Indiokraut

Vegan Pizza - another must try! They didn't even use cheese for this. Ang galing!

Wine and Cheese Platter - Another win!
Avail of the 2 glasses of wine + this platter every Mondays for only P850!

Thick Cut Bailey's French Toast
Thick cut brioche, Bailey's cinnamon batter, peanut butter whipped syrup, candied walnuts, and powdered sugar

Garlic Mashed Potato  

Oriental Chicken Goujons
Breaded Hainanese chicken served with rich mushroom onion gravy and french beans with chicken-broth rice.
Crowd favorite: Best F^*&ing Pork & Beans Ever (yup, that's the dish's name!!!:))
Pork chop, steamed rice, sunny side up egg, and baked beans

They also have the crazy "Create Your Own Steak" option! Choose your kind of meat, the cut and the size. Then, you can choose one from their 5 carefully crafted rubs and brush-ons. Add rice, pasta, mashed potato or fries on the side! :p

"Every piece of meat ordered and grilled in the kitchen comes freshly off the Butcher Station. We do this to carry out our promise of serving only the best, honest, unpretentious, high-quality food," shares Michael Figdor, Executive Chef of The BS Pub. 

For dessert, we had the Irish Whiskey Creme Brulee.

TIP: Enjoy their UNLIMITED cocktails from Monday to Saturday, 5-10pm, for only P500!!! I recommend the yummy Amaretto Sour, super sarap, traydor. :p Lol!

The Butcher Shop also houses the best locally, independently brewed beers from Katipunan Craft Ale. Aside from beers, they also serve wide array of drinks from beer-based cocktails, hard liquors, to the best hard-to-find wines!

Most nights at The BS Pub, they have live music. Last night this duo played reggae and alternative songs. The place is so intimate, if you can sing or malakas ang loob mo, you can even join the band! Haha!

More group photos!

My Mad Men! :)

With Christine:

Seph and Trice:

Christine, Raj, and Nikita:

Jill and Oliver:

I personally commend that--amidst the Sausage Fiesta and Create Your Own Steak--they have A LOT of VEGETARIAN options in their menu. Didn't feel a tad bit "discriminated" in this place (which I often have to go through sa ibang restaurants, but nasanay nalang). I was SO FULL when the night ended, but I still want to go back! :) VISIT The Butcher Shop & Pub to find out why I am hands-down in love with this place. Then let's compare notes of your own experience, ok? ;)

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