Dear Diary No.1

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Naalala ko the times when diaries are closed book scribbles of feels na only ME ME ME ang makakabasa. I will cry whenever nabubuklat siya bigla ng sisters ko or parents ko--intentional or not, napapraning ako! A kid full of secrets.

Anyway, so I can't imagine that being a blogger--a public storyteller, will be one of my "jobs". But in between events coverage, new product features, and "ootd" posts--I will keep up with my Grade 1 self who just wants to document her day-to-day activities by posting my weekly diary. To keep this blog raw and true parin to its main purpose.

So I've been sporting this super duper heavy backpack above, or an oversized shoulder bag, everyday last week because of my workshops. Slightly lakas maka-BV, dagdagan pa na nag cocommute ako, tapos bigla nalang uulan. I've been teaching wire jewellery and fashion here and there. There was a session, and this is one of my faves, when we analyzed the top two fashion magazine covers for this month. I got a lot of insightful feedbacks, and we even came up with our own fashion spreads before ending the class.

Minus the Instagram posts and the Tweets, I am, in fact, still constantly finding myself in the hotel gym at least once a week. Often times, I see my Ate after her dance class... And eto padin ako, cardio-ing my way to a fitter and healthier self. "Ate papic naman!" Haha.

One time while cycling, I saw the girl in off-shoulder top, and knew it was ChristineI was shouting her name for the whole (intimately small) gym to hear, and when she walked off from her machine ng hindi tumitingin, sinundan ko siya sa treadmill. Yun pala naka earphones sha, hahaha!

Post-gym biglaang food trip--coz we HAVE TO eat! Veggies galore in North Park, pero bawi-bawi din with Green Tea Family Mart Ice Cream (na first time ko natry, btw!). Fun night. :)

Earlier this week, before the "healthy options" challenge, Yellow Cab sent me this "favorite food showcase"! Ang saya! I enjoyed the new Aglio Olio, pero favorite ko padin si Dear Darla. Probably my last taste of carbs...

...Coz nung Sunday, my Ate and I went to the grocery together to buy a whole week's worth of pa-healthy snacks, ingredients, drinks, fillers, etcetera. Sana mapanindigan namin to, haha! My goal lang naman is to lessen my bad carbs (white rice, white bread, potatoes)... And more of wheat options nalang.

Some of the items in our menu / list include: bottle of pesto sauce and Ragu tomato sauce, wheat spiral pasta, cheese, wheat bread, yoghurt, fruits, corn, and Fitness cereals.

Meanwhile, Krissy and I finally had the chance to meet up again. Dati sa Aria Cucina kami palagi (coz super love namin the arugula pizza!), but since it closed down, and curious din ako sa pumalit--we spent Saturday lunch in The Wholesome Table. The restaurant serves all-organic and healthy meals and drinks--I tried their version of a veggie burger, which is super filling parang hindi ko na kailangan mag dinner! ;p

I see Krissy naman in her events (she works with a PR firm), but bihibihira na din talaga yung hangout and catch up. But we always make sure, once in a blue moon man, that we save a weekend where we can dine in a nice place and exchange stories (and even little gifts)! For this, I got 2 Disney postcards, and my friend's love life updates (hehehe). ;)

After that, I went to Whitespace to check out the Kawaii in Manila 2 event. At the same time, it was my chance to do an ocular of this potential BU8 venue (malaki ba? may parking ba? commuter-friendly?!?)

I think I got there too late, my goal was to catch pa naman the fashion show where legit Japanese brands were showcased. One of my long-time online favorites Ashley Dy (knew her since my Candymag days) flew clothes from Japan brands just for this event, and when she invited me and Karl to drop-by, how can I not go! :)

Gusto ko yung Kawaii Jeep, perfect Fashionista Commuter ride, hehe:

Inside, one of the organizers was already saying her thank yous onstage, so I just strolled around and checked out the artworks and bazaar sections. So many cute guests din, btw! Like this pin-up ish girl:

Although wala na akong naabutan na show, I am happy to meet some of the artists slash entreps in the bazaar, like Abbey Sy who is so good in typography, and Gel of Hodge Podge who is also a Kulasa. Although I didn't see them, I also bought and supported the booths of Artwine (by Beam Mariano) and Soon the Moon (by Reese Lansangan). 
Ang sarap lang tignan ng tables nila noh? :)

And finally, before leaving, I saw Ashley by the entrance with her boyfriend Justine! Congrats to you and your team for this cool event! :) Left the venue really happy from all the good vibes of the guests.

Here's one of the happiest things that happened to me this week: I am now officially part of Sun Cellular's family! Ate Rowena (of Animetric) and I are the first two Sun bloggers, and sobrang nakaka proud and excite what's in store for us as the "practical bloggers" representing this network. Ang sarap ng feeling! 

So, events and happenings padin ang nag occupy most of my sched last week! Konswelo man ng kahit gaano ka nakakapagod, at least I get to spend time with all of my friends! 

Hello daw sabi ng yellow shoes ni Sarah and basketballer Paul, lol. Post-ootd sa ulan picture:

Yabu cravings solved! Post-Physiogel event 2nd dinner with Ava and Christine:

Hello daw from my sabokot hair! (Kung sinong may alam ng meaning ng sabokot, may prize, hahaha!). #PresentSiPax, Christine, Arnie and I after the Pandora event + dinner. We will miss our BU Angels...They're not going anywhere, but you'll find out why I'll miss them soon! :)

Mark your calendars! Busier days ahead...

And for my last kwento... Yesterday's Grunge Mickey look (and dirty mirror ootd) for the Disney Live show! The bff Paul surprised me with a VIP ticket!

We arrived at the venue 7pm sharp, and the halls were filled with little Snow Whites, little Cinderellis, girls in Mickey ears headbands, and even little Elsa and Anas. Haha, ang cucute!

The show started on time (prinessure ko na si Ate Popcorn coz malelate kami!), the stage was true to the Disney appeal of being sparkling and magical (nakakaiyak yung Disney Characters border!), and the set + costumes are all beautiful. They showed three classical Disney stories, namely Snow White, Cinderella, then Beauty and the Beast, with Mickey Mouse and Friends as storytellers. Sobrang astig, napapamura ako sa amazement--"Ang ganda fuck!"--then marerealize ko mga bata nga pala ang mga katabi ko! ;p

Aside from the throwback heartwarming Disney stories (watch them on my IG @anagon), and our classic favorite characters, the songs appealed to me the most. When the cast sang Cinderelli, Once Upon A Dream, and Beauty and the Beast theme song... Goosebumps level 100! 
Silver cladded Disney characters and silver confetti-shower ended the show:

Ang good vibes! :) Happy weekend, guys! :)


  1. Yehey congrats Sun sister! ♡♡♡

  2. Thank you, Anaaa! Mwa, mwa! *speechless* OMG! Gusto ko yung Disney LIVE!!

    1. Favorite talaga kita :) Hope to see you again soon! :)

  3. I love personal entries like these!:) More more pls!

  4. Sabokot hahahahahaha love you!!! We're not going anywhere is panalo!!! <3

  5. HAHAHA! Panalo pa rin yung sa gym!! See you later. #boyziimen


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