OOTD 9.6.14

Saturday, September 06, 2014

 Sweater - H&M | Skirt - Forever21 | Sneakers - Converse | Backpack - Herschel | Watch - MSense SM Accessories | Photos - @Krissyfied

Ang amazing nung "floating" watch, noh? A unique piece na nasight ko sa SM Makati nung napadpad ako sa Men's Accessories Section bilang I am really more of an oversized watch person (kesa yun small and dainty). Secret lang ha, I got this (and the white version!) for only P299!!! 

I am spending more and more of my weekends with my friends, one-by-one or group-by-group, just trying to catch up with their lives' going-ons. Parang, for me, for a friendship to really work, you have to dedicate time talaga even if it means sacrificing a supposed rest day, and also spending (money) a little bit more than usual. Looking back at today's happenings--lunch with Krissy and then supporting a long-time online friend (and my idol! :)) Ashley Dy at the Kawaii in Manila convention, ang sarap, sarap ng feeling! :)


  1. Wow P299 lang yung watch! Nice! Love your OOTD Miss Ana! :)

  2. For the win yung relo noh? :) Thank you Pau! :)

  3. Love you sis! I'm SO glad I got out of bed today haha! ♡ Wrote about our visit to The Wholesome Table din!

  4. Thank you, Ana!!! GRABE! Super kilig ako nung nakita kita sa Kawaii in Manila! <333 Obvious naman sa smile, talon at yakap hahaha! Love you forevs! <333


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