Azalea Residences Baguio Day 3

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 3, fight!

For our last day with the very accommodating Azalea Residences Baguio, we decided to maximize our last few hours by checking out must-see places at the City of Pines. After the buffet breakfast, off we go via Azalea's van:

Our very cool driver in his red Disney Prince-ish uniform, hehe:

First stop was in BenCab Museum, by Filipino painter and National Artist Benedicto Cabrera. This is where the artist really lives, along with his artworks and exhibits of other contemporary artists' pieces. Located in Km.6 Asin Road, make sure open siya when you go there coz it's a 20-minute drive from Session Road. The museum is open everyday except Mondays, Christmas, and New Year. 

Parang mga bata, hindi na nag antay sa tour guide! Haha! Hi Sarah, Seph, and Trice!

Entrance fee is at P100, while students and senior citizens get in for just P80. The museum has 4 floors--going down, with farm and garden area and a cafe at the end. Make sure to allot hours on your visit, to maximize and really get to see and experience everything!

Ang daming "OOTD" and "Instagram" worthy spots in Bencab! But of course, it pays to have a tour guide with you para more trivia and info as you go along every collections and exhibits.

Balik uli sa main floor for the tour, haha! Sorry Ate Tour Guide!!!

An interesting and sure makaka relate tayo na gallery in BenCab showcases Philippine Contemporary Art showing pop culture paintings and mixed media pieces by our local artists.

Selfie pa more! Lol.

Ang cute nitong Plants Vs Zombies... Baguio version!

Pili na ng mask for Halloween! Hehe!

Sarah pushing Trice away from this gallery, haha! "Di ka pa pwede dito!" LOL.

Erotica Gallery is one of the mainstays in the Bencab Museum (the others nag chachange ang exhibit from time to time). On display are paintings, sculptures, and other works by different artists with erotica subject or theme.

Anyway, art is everywhere! Kahit yung mga natutulog nato sa "status symbol" bench of the Cordilleras, parang mga ART nadin, ;ol!

A wall filled from ceiling to floor with bulul figures, na may different meaning din pala (depende sa position ng arms).

Tribal artifacts and crafts of the northern Philippine highlands filled the Cordillera Gallery. Ang interesting e etong mga deer scrotum na nililinis nila at ginagawang container for their nganga.

Posing andar, haha.

Tiny hand-painted detailed portrait of faces of a man and woman from the tribe:

An interesting dark room is the print gallery, with Nona Garcia's Recovery.

Can also be a setting for a romantic pagtatagpo, lol.

Sabel is everywhere, BenCab's iconic muse. 

"...In her plainness, he saw beauty..."

The eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go:

There is more to see in BenCab, but I won't be posting all the photos I took during our few hours tour, so as not to spoil your visit! :)

We ended our trip with coffee, hot chocolate, pancakes, organic lumpia, and a beautiful foggy view in Cafe Sabel. Ang sarap ng lumpia, will go back in the cafe for this, haha!

We tried to check out the Baguio Botanical Garden, but it started to rain, and our day was about to end nadin. We decided to go to Mines View Park and Good Shepherd nalang for last minute pasalubong shopping!

Hydrangeas for P120 lang, but no! Hindi ako makaka commute pa Alabang ng may dalang palayok, huhu! :p

The group got so addicted with these cactus selection! 

Seph trying out the ihaw street foods: 

More souvenirs:

Di namin nakita yun big St. Bernard, haha! Pwede natong si baby! :)

Peanut brittle, strawberry jam, and ube shopping:

We left Azalea Residences at around 4pm, and with great timing, paulan nadin nun and lakas maka emo. I felt a weird pit in my stomach again, as they closed the van doors and we got to hear the friendly thank yous of the Azalea people for the last time. Sepanx ba to? It was a great 3-day vacation, and I am just glad that it will only take around 5 hours to go back. Till then, Azalea Baguio! :)

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