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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jacket - Arbor kay Sarah | Plaid Polo and Jeggings - Uniqlo | Boots - Doc Martens | Bag - Shana | Photos - @sarahtirona

Didn't really wear this ensemble to camp yesterday in Aurora Baler with Poler Philippines, but this is what I imagine a happy camper looks like - thick long jacket for cold nights and rainy hikes, checkered polo - an adventurer's favorite print! Sturdy boots made for water and trails, and of course, anti-mosquito and anti-lamig pants! The thing is, in my actual camping experience - I'd rather wear my pambahay tshirt, cheap black leggings, an extra thin rain jacket, and tsinelas for trekking! :p Maybe it's different for long-time campers... but to everyone, newbie or experienced, comfort is still key!

Anyway, just got home and few hours palang ako asa bahay, bus na uli to CraftMNL for my 4th batch of wire jewelry class! :) Back to kayod, gotta pay the bills! Lol.

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