OOTD 10.2.14

Friday, October 03, 2014

Oversized Black Sweater and Leather Bermuda Shorts - Forever 21 | Shoes - New Balance

So much things occupy my mind right now, minsan talaga nakaka bipolar the number of things and feelings that 1 human is capable to go through in a month, a day, or even in just a few hours. 

One of the things that I do to distract my restlessness is pinning photos again via Pinterest app (try niyo!) instead na yung kinukonsinte ko my social media addiction. I make my whole "can't take my eyes off my phone" thing more inspiring by not obsessing over other people's posts, instead.. by pinning photos of my Room Pegs, my Fashion Pegs, my Dream Destinations, and I even have a secret album for my Body Pegs. Lol.

I wanted to go back to yoga sana to regain balance and peace of mind, but I had my teeth extracted lang which limited me to a lot of things (like, no. 1, food). Anyway, finally I have things to look forward to in the coming weeks... Like a getaway!

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  1. Oh, the pain of not being able to enjoy food! Hoping for you to get better soon~

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