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Thursday, October 02, 2014

The battle between iPhone and Samsung continues... I love my iPhone 5, but the longer I use my Sun Cellular Samsung Galaxy 5, the more I appreciate this phone for its basic qualities: longer battery life, big and clear screen (kitang kita ko ang blurry IG pics, haha), and of course matibay na cord for charger. Lol!

Here's a special Galaxy App that Mother Earth, the biggest Samsung fan, told me about yesterday that I think is worth sharing: the Optical Reader. It is super useful for students with hardcopy handouts who wants to read their notes in their phones, to those who usually just take pictures of, let's say, a salon price list or store promo whenever they stroll around the mall, or in my case, to easily deal with printed-only press releases.

When you open Optical Reader, it's already in camera mode. Just capture the text that you want the app to read:

You will then instantly get the "Capture result", which you can edit, select, email, reprint, or post in your blog na agad agad.

A bit accurate, with just minor errors. Make sure to proof-read before posting! Also ideal for those who want to go paperless and throw away business cards. ;) Cool noh?

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