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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

During our Baler bonfire night, before sleeping in our tents, I saw that the organizer played music via a sleek black Soundfreaq speaker. Portable Bluetooth speakers are everywhere now, making sound trips even when out-of-town more convenient. I recently acquired the compact 5-inch Soundfreaq Sound Spot with the brown embossed wood design (it is also available in black):

What's inside the box - mostly cords for charging and to connect device on phone when not in bluetooth mode, and just the speaker:

On, play, pause, skip tracks, and volume buttons:

Connect any device with a standard headphone jack (cable included in box). You can also connect TWO Sound Spots (Daisy Chain) with the Line In cable from the package to create a louder and more powerful sound source (perfect for house parties or beach trips).

Meanwhile, other than charging the device, you can also charge your phone via Sound Spot by connecting your phone's cord in its USB port. It can charge up to 500mA.

Play music anywhere. The Sound Spot is also designed to fit perfectly in your home, whether in the kitchen, your shelves, or living room area. It will also look great in your office, or a lightweight companion during your travels.

As for the sound quality, you can explore Sound Spot's Warm, Bright, and Flat options. For a small boombox, the quality is superb, powerful, and accurate. Not much of a tech person to notice other technical aspects of the speaker, but the best part of me is that Sound Spot can keep you company for 7 straight hours of long battery life.

You can even listen to your music apps like Spinnr through this speaker:

Soundfreaq is distributed by Digits Trading Corporation. Follow @digitstradingph on Instagram.

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