Get Filed: 2015 Doodle Planner

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

With so many planner options for 2015, you really have to stand out and cater to a specific market. This 5"x7" Get Filed 2015 Doodle Planner is perfect for those who are not satisfied with just writing things down!  

I've read somewhere that people have different ways to remember things or learn things - some through music, others through lists, while there are the really visual types who'd keep track of their schedule if they've written it... With matching drawings on the side! IF you're that type of person, then Get Filed's second planner, the DOODLE PLANNER, is for you!

It comes with this cute and also customizable magnetic bookmark:

Artworks that you can play around with:

Aside from the daily and monthly calendars with big spaces, the planner also comes with doodles and daydreams pages:

Leisure lists, including Restaurants to Try, Movies to Watch, Places to Visit, etcetera.

The back portion, with free facial expressions stickers and a kraft's pocket.

The Get Filed Doodle Planner 2015 pages start at December 1, so you can make use of it now palang (I know, ako din excited ako gamiting agad ang planner and hindi na makaantay ng New Year! :D). It comes with a free Pen Slinger with 6 pen slots, and sold at P545 only!

Visit to order. Like them on Facebook, and follow them @getFILED on Twitter and Instagram for more info and updates!

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