Beach Bum and Familiarity

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Lala dee ladeee...

Summer came early for me because of a balik-bayan high school kabarkada who is home for the holidays (Abi). Some of us decided to catch up more by going away to Boracay, our 3rd time here as a group! And although it was a last minute thing and not everyone can go (16 kasi kami, mahirap talaga makumpleto!), barkada girl that I am of course I still went for it! Sabi nila, "Si Anagon kaladkarin, nakumpleto yung 3 Barx Bora!" Hehehe.

We stayed in Estacio Uno Hotel in Station One, just in front of the Willy's Rock, as requested by our balik-bayan. My first time in a fancy Boracay hotel! Service is superb, and everything's convenient. And then the usual: woke up early for buffet breakfasts, tambay by the beach, white fine sand between our toes. Selfies, sand art, swimming, or avail the beach activities (paraw sunset sailing). Jonah's and Jony's fruit shakes, and DMall. And then by night time, hangout some more by the seashore to watch the beautiful Boracay sunset. Happy hour (frozen margarita!), chit chats and life talks till we get shhh-ed by other hotel guests, funny palong palo fire dancers, acoustic nights, and people watch. One sunset, I even saw a cute couple having their pre-nup photo shoot...

Daily "bilad" sa araw:

Our beautiful hotel:

More mid-day hangouts:

Sunset paraw:

One night, we decided to avail happy hour before dinner in our hotel's "pool access" section / bar:

Truth be told, I was afraid that Boracay might lose its charm and bore me because of the countless times I've been there--summertime and otherwise. As they say, "familiarity breeds contempt", that a place (although a beauty) can still lose its awe and wonder after several visits. But it's not always a bad thing. Familiarity can also mean comfort. That feeling of just being there, as is, and no pretensions for you and also for the place. No more new discoveries (except once-in-a-blue-moon), no more pleasant and unpleasant surprises, but a warm feeling of home, of knowing that acceptance has already been settled for both parties long long time ago.

....Maybe just like in old friendships. :)


  1. The last part <3<3<3 Ganda mo ate Ana!:) I also love the pics, nae-excite tuloy ako for summer!!

    1. Thank you for reading, Jamin! :) I am so so sure summer will be a BLAST! :D

  2. Bet na bet ko ang swimming and beach outfits ni Miss Ana! Wow! Kainggit yung experience mo! :)

    1. Conservative forever hehehe :) Thank you Pau, make it happen for you this summer! :) ;)

  3. Wow! Super ganda ng mga pictures ninyo!

  4. Oh! I love the nude top. It looks perfect for a beach-bumming kind of day.


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